Globalize your business

Be reachable to overseas clients at local call rates
with Ajura Global Number

Globalize your business by giving it a local identity in multiple countries

Do you have important clients residing overseas? If yes, then get an Ajura Global Number and gift your callers the facility of speaking with you through just a local call.

What is Ajura Global Number?

Ajura Global Number is a facility by which you can own an international phone number while residing in your native country. The owner of the Ajura Global Number can receive incoming of that number on his preferred mobile/landline number. By owning an Ajura Global number, you can give your off-shore clients the facility to contact you by paying only a local call charge.

Benefits of taking Ajura Global Number

Businessmen/Corporate House

  • To create a global presence of their business entity
    Ensure low cost communication for the caller/client

Friends and family of those living abroad

  • To keep in touch with their friends and
    family living overseas at cheapest price

Why should businessmen/corporate houses take Ajura Global number?

If you have clients living abroad but expensive long distance call rates are hindering the growth of your business, then subscribe to Ajura Global Number, which is basically a DID Number.

All you need to do is take an Ajura Global Number of the country your caller belongs to and advertise this number or flash it on your website. Potential clients, who usually hesitate to call an ISD number will prefer calling on the Ajura Global Number which is a local number for the client. This way, not only you make calling convenient and cheaper for the caller, but also ensure a global presence for your business without bearing the charges for buying or renting an office.

Let’s say if you wish to take an office in Hong Kong, it would cost you around 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, to set up an office not to mention the overhead expenses and salaries of staff. However, with Ajura Global Number, you only need to pay $10 to create a business presence anywhere. Don’t believe us? Check our rates and contact us to know more.


Who else benefits from Ajura Global Number?

Ajura Global Number is not just advantageous for businessmen/corporate houses alone, it also brings hearts closer. If you have a family member or a friend living abroad and ISD call charges are causing a hindrance in communicating your feelings with your loved ones, break the barrier with Ajura Global Number. This low cost solution facilitates keeping in touch with relatives or friends of those residing abroad. Gift your parents/friends, living in your native country; the joy of talking to you without them worrying about paying ISD call charges.

Outsmart your competitors with an International Number

Ajura Global Number: offered for more than 55 countries

Take Ajura Global Number of any of the 55 supported countries. All incoming calls on the international phone number will be directed to your home country number. So just relax and watch the growth of your business.

Calls from multiple countries forwarded on the same number

No need to take several landline/mobile phones to receive calls from different countries. Take Ajura Global Number of multiple countries and forward all calls of the numbers on the same mobile/landline number/Ajura app.

Create a local presence,

With Ajura Global Number, you are just a local call away from your clients, friends, family or colleagues. Now you are not far away even while being hundreds of miles away.

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