Does Travelling Meant to be Always Expensive?

Booking Flights. Preparing checklists. Packing necessities. Excitement and anxiety accompany you as soon as the idea of travelling comes into your mind and lasts till you are back home. Amidst all the back and forth, you end up investing a lot of money on just one trip. Those little purchases pile up to cost you […]


Money Saving Tricks When Planning for a Spanish Vacation

From booking flights to fine dining and much more, when travelling for an International trip, all we need is an advice on finding tour packages with lower cost. Right? So, before you book your trip to Spain, check out these money-saving tricks to get the most out of your trip without missing any of the […]


Famous World Festivals That You Should Not Miss!

Festivals are all about enjoying, sharing and celebrating. We take a look upon some of the best world festivals that are celebrated with enthusiasm and joy by people all around the globe. Here we go: Snow and Ice Festival, China Being the largest Snow and Ice festivals in the world, this festival amazes you with […]


International Travel Tips for the Newbie Traveller

Travelling takes one into a wider world with a lot of new experiences. Especially for those first-time travellers, it is an emotional amalgam of anxiety and excitement. We take a look at some of the most useful tips for the newbie traveller:  Plan, but don’t overdo it As a newbie, you need to plan certain […]


Do you Know the Best Time for an International Trip?

While planning for an international trip, deciding upon a suitable time is one of the major challenges. We take a look upon the best time for an international trip listing out some major tourist destinations. Here we go! Best Time to Visit Singapore The weather between summers and winters in Singapore is quite pleasant and […]


Some Less Known Facts About Your Passport

Do you know some interesting facts about your Passport? A Passport is one of the most important documents of a citizen of any country. Laws related to passport are different for different nations. The First Proper Passport was issued by England In the 15th century, King Henry V issued passports to his subjects as an […]


Top 6 World-Famous International Airports

While the list of international airports around the globe is quite a long one, we take a glance at some of the busiest airports in the world. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport  Holding the rank of the world’s busiest airport, in terms of both passengers and flights, this airport has approximately 207 domestic and international flights. Flights […]

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