International Travel Jobs – Benefits of a Job that Pays you to Travel

With extensive globalization, the trend of travelling across the oceans has gained a significant momentum. Individuals travel frequently and even relocate to work on business projects. Certainly this kind of role demands a person with qualities like flexibility, adaptability, learning desire, etc. But no matter what, there are several perks of a job that pays […]


Travel Overseas Cheap – Budget Travel Tips Every Wanderlust Must Know

Travelling is a passion for many, however, this passion comes with some inevitable expenditures. It includes accommodation, commuting, paying roaming bills, to name a few. While we cannot eliminate these expenses, we can suggest some travel tips to reduce these outlays for the benefit of the budget traveller:  


Travel Fitness – How to Stay Fit & Healthy While Travelling?

If you are planning for any international trip, you must take special care about your health as you will never want to get sick during your vacation. Maintaining a good health during the journey largely depends how well do you plan for your trip and on how careful you are during your travel? Check out […]


Corporate Traveller – Essential Items to Pack on a Business Trip

Travelling for business purpose can be highly uncomfortable when you forget to carry an essential item/commodity like a laptop/phone charger etc., on the trip. We suggest some essential items which you must keep while packing, so as to ensure a comfortable business trip. Multi-Pin Connectors and Multi-Charger Those travelling for business purpose often use a […]


TPP Expo 2016

The Prepaid Press (TPP) Expo is a renowned event with top notch communication firms participating every year. Ajura made its presence felt with pride and earned laurels for its effective and speedy service. It was held in Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood.

Buying a Prepaid SIM Card in Malaysia

Travelling abroad involves making a lot of arrangements like applying for a visa, travel insurance, packing etc. In all these activities, one does not concentrate on a small yet important task which is arranging for a prepaid SIM card of the country being visited. Buying a prepaid SIM card after landing in a foreign country […]

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