Ajura app supports Callkit on iOS 10 bringing better calling experience on iPhones

Ajura Pte Ltd., publisher of the Ajura mobile app announced today that it has integrated the iOS 10 CallKit feature. Ajura users will now have the calling experience of the native iPhone application when they make or receive calls using the Ajura application. This integration will bring a much improved calling experience to iOS users. […]

New Year’s Eve – Strange Traditions Practised Around the World

Everyone has their own unique way of enjoying new year’s eve celebration. Some like to party with friends while some prefer spending quiet time with family. But have you ever heard of people throwing bread, breaking plates on neighbour’s door or eating grapes at midnight for good luck? Read on to know some weird traditions […]


iPhone Hands Free – Ask Siri to Make Calls Using Ajura

All iOS users are familiar with Siri, infact many Apple product’s patrons use this personal digital assistant to perform important tasks like making calls, booking a cab, setting an appointment/alarm and more so – on a daily basis. Now, Ajura is also made compatible with Siri, which means, you need to just open Siri and […]


Ajura introduces hands-free calling for iPhone users by Siri integration

Ajura announced today that iPhone users who are using Ajura app can now make calls by giving a voice command to Siri. This will be a hands-free calling experience – as the user will only give a voice command and the call will be established automatically by Siri using the Ajura app. There is no […]

Most Amazing Destinations in Europe to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year brings with it new hopes and new vibes. For those who like to explore more, it seems like an opportunity to meet new people, discover new places and celebrate like never before. So if you’re a travel fanatic like me, here are some of the most exciting destinations in Europe where you can […]


7 Surprising Facts about the Mesmerizing Mexico City

This city is one of the most important financial centres in the Americas. It is located in the high plateaus at the centre of Mexico. There are total 16 municipalities in this city. Yes, I’m talking about the city of Mexico. Once you’re here, you’ll be taken by endless surprises. In this post, I’m sharing […]


Top 6 Travel Mottos: What’s your Reason for travelling?

Scottish novelist, essayist and travel writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, once said – “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” Travelling is an opportunity that each and every one of us should take and never look back. Spending time outside […]


Learning a Foreign Language – Why Must a Traveller Do That?

It is true that these days learning a foreign language is not required to enjoy a holiday overseas. However, if you do learn the basic phrases of the language of the country you are visiting, the experience can be a unique one. Know how: Make new friends – Create lasting memories Travelling during a vacation […]

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