How to Say Hello in Different Languages

Those who have a passion for traveling, agree on the fact that an enriching holiday is one where interacting with locals is involved. Learning about new practices, customs, culture, and about the destination, makes for a pleasantly unique trip. So, in order to interact with locals, travelers are recommended to learn some common words of […]


Exchanging Foreign Money? Here’s How to Decide on Best Money Changer!

Vacation means fun, cheer, and happiness. Apart from this, it also means money which you would need at different points during your trip. Smart travellers head to their nearest money exchange center beforehand to convert their local money into overseas currency according to the destination. What if you’re all set to go, but still haven’t […]


Which are The Safest Places to Travel in 2017?

As 2016 is almost on the verge of ending, many travel enthusiast might think what next in 2017. However, many travelers nowadays think twice before planning a trip abroad due to increasing safety concerns. Many countries which were considered safe in the past have ranked negatively in the safety graph. But do not fear, there […]

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