British Virgin Islands Vacations – Exploring the BVI Destinations

  Located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory covering about 150 square kilometers of area. The most interesting thing about this place is that it is divided into several beautiful islands which are also world famous tourist destinations. Let’s have a look at these […]


Luggage Terms – Things about Airline Baggage That Every Traveller Should Know

Luggage or more commonly called as baggage is a term that includes bags, containers, trunks, cases, etc which are used to carry the things or articles of the traveller. In this post, we will be highlighting some of the most basic luggage terms that every airline traveller should be aware of: Baggage Allowance – Luggage […]


Bahamas Cuisine – What to Eat on Your Trip to Bahamas?

Warm sun, sandy beaches, and eclectic dishes with southern American and Caribbean flavours – welcome to the Bahamas, the land of more than 700 islands. In this post, we will take a look at the interesting aspects of Bahamas cuisine to help you experience the best flavours during your trip:   Soups in Bahamas – […]


Student Travel – What to Pack When Traveling Abroad for School

Fitting your whole life into two suitcases when travelling abroad for study is a tough task but you have to do that, there’s no other option. Though you just cannot literally take everything, but it is important not to miss something which is crucial and necessary. This post will act as a guide for all […]


5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone Users

It is needless to mention that as a traveller you will carry all important things to make your trip comfortable. However, most of us ignore travel apps, which are extremely important in the present arena when a lot of things are digitally driven. Let us discuss, some of the best travel apps for iPhone users. […]


Luxurious Cruise Ships worth Travelling In – Cruise around the World

Sailing to exotic destinations across the world in a luxurious ship is an idea of a perfect holiday for many people. Therefore, in this post, we list out a few prominent ships known to offer the best sailing experience. Seven Seas Explorer – Cruises To Go This cruise ship boasts of all things elegant. Each […]


Travel Advantages – Benefits of Travelling around the World

Every activity you do impacts your personality in a certain way. Likewise, there is something about travelling that brings positive vibes to your life for the good and better. Immersing yourself into a whole new place, learning the new dialects, and exploring the unknown, who would say travelling isn’t fun! Well, here are 5 different travel […]


Romania Travel Guide – Things to Know When You Visit Romania

Situated on the western shores of the Black Sea, Romania is a country that enjoys an incredible natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Being a recent member of the European Union, there has been a lot of development in this area which has also hiked tourism. If you’re planning to stroll through the scenic Romanian […]

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