Travel Tips – 4 Habits A Traveller Must Adopt


When one thinks of travelling, one generally considers the positives which include sightseeing, exploring new destinations, savouring new food etc. but no one considers the situation that one may face in case of an unfortunate incident. Misplacing your luggage during transit, losing your important documents, getting sick or having something stolen, these are some unforeseen incidents that can also happen during a journey. We list out 4 travel habits that all travellers must take up to ensure to be prepared for any setback in the middle of a trip.

Best way to travel with money – Keep cash and plastic money in different places

While travelling overseas, it is a traveller’s nightmare to become a victim of pickpocketing or theft, which will leave them stranded in a foreign country. Therefore, it is advised that you keep your cash and plastic money (debit/credit cards) in more places than one. For e.g. put some money in your wallet, a little amount in laptop bag, likewise separate amount in cabin bag and the rest in main luggage/trolley bag. This way, in the unfortunate case of a theft or misplaced luggage, you are not left high dry without money. Another recommendation is to write down where you have kept your money, in case you are one of those forgetful souls.

Best way to pack – Keep socks and underclothes in cabin bag

Losing your luggage in a foreign country is not only traumatic but a cue signalling the start of a lot of hassles for you. Not only do you have to undergo the hassle to notify the authorities, place your luggage and get it back from the airport, you will also have to endure wearing the same clothes and underclothes all the while (or you buy new ones). Nevertheless, it is a huge hassle. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep socks and your underclothes in your cabin bag so that you can have some respite in worst case scenario.

Charging your gadgets before leaving


With completing all the travelling procedure, checking-in, waiting for your flight, reaching your destination, checking-out of the airport, it is possible that a charging outlet might be difficult to find. So it is best not to depend on public places like the airport for your gadget charging needs as it might be occupied by others as well. Make sure you charge all your devices the night before.

Take picture of important travel details

Most travellers tend to forget their hotel room number or parking space spot (in case of a rented car parked somewhere). Therefore, it is better to take pictures of important details such as these, as it will be difficult to carry a pen and a notepad all the time while travelling.

By following these above-mentioned steps on your next trip, you are going to not only enjoy yourself but prepare for any unforeseen incident. In order to be more prepared to deal with any unforeseen circumstance, take a roaming solution in the form an international roaming app. You may also purchase a prepaid SIM card to avoid international roaming charges.

Zoya Abdali

Zoya Abdali is a travel enthusiast who likes to share her thoughts and experiences on budget travelling, in the form of blogs. She is an avid reader and likes to read classics. Zoya can be reached at
  • We only realize how important these are the moment one of these happen to us in our travel. Great tips.

    • Ajura Editors Desk

      Thank you for the appreaciation @mary_norton:disqus 🙂 stay tuned with us!

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