4 Smart Tips to Breeze through Airport Security while Traveling

Airport Checkin

Passing airport security is one of the most uncomfortable process for any traveler and many of us get frustrated. However, with some intelligent tips you can ease this process and get rid of unnecessary hassles.

Review the TSA List

Before you start packing for your journey, you should review your TSA list of restricted items. Knives, Guns etc. are obviously some items which you cannot carry. Sharp objects are prohibited by airlines and if you have any plans of do some home improvement and need to carry a tool kit, you can do so in your checked-in luggage. Same goes for athletic equipment, which cannot be carried as a part of your hand baggage. The list of TSA is quite big, so it’s advised that you go through the list provided by the airport/airline administration.

Pack Your Luggage Neatly

Pack neatly, so that you need not end up scattering all your personal stuff during the security check. Electronics items like laptops, tablets etc. need to be removed from your hand luggage and placed separately for the scanning process. So it is better that you go for some briefcase type laptop bags where you can keep all your essentials and access your electronics items easily to speed up the security process.

Wear Attire that can be Removed Easily

If you are wearing too much jewelry or metal products, then you may need to spend a longer time at the security check. It is also quite annoying and time consuming when you are asked to remove heavy jackets, shoes and other metal accessories. Hence, it’s better to wear something, which can be easily slipped on and off.

Beat the Last Minute Rush

Be smart to beat the crowd by arriving early for security check-in. If you are travelling with senior citizen, children or any physically disabled person, then it’s important that you reach the airport early as the process may be time consuming.  Most airlines recommend its passengers to reach the airport at least 2 hours prior to the boarding to prevent last minute rush and this will also ensure that you get sufficient time to go through the security check comfortably.

By following the above tips, you can surely prevent yourself from unnecessary hassles during a airport security check while travelling abroad.

Abhijeet Guha

Abhijeet is an active blogger with decent experience in the travel and tourism industry. He researches on various topics related to travel and pens down his thoughts in the form of articles & blogs. You can reach him at abhijeet@revesoft.com.
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