5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone Users

Best Travel Apps for iPhone

It is needless to mention that as a traveller you will carry all important things to make your trip comfortable. However, most of us ignore travel apps, which are extremely important in the present arena when a lot of things are digitally driven. Let us discuss, some of the best travel apps for iPhone users.

Google Trips

A great app to plan & organize your vacation, Google Trips should be placed in a high position on your list of useful travel apps. Just enter ‘where do you want to go’ and the mobile app populates a list of ‘Things to do’, Best Restaurants in the area etc.

The app goes to the extent of fetching your travel information such as reservations straight from your Gmail. Another great thing about Google Trips is that this app is available offline.


If you like to meet with strangers and make your trip more fulfilled, Tinder is a great app. However, for solo travellers especially woman travellers, this might sound risky to meet complete strangers. Tinder is a good idea if you are travelling in a group and want to meet some other like-minded group to double your fun.


Must have apps for international travellers, which helps in saving up to 90% on international mobile roaming cost. Interesting feature of this app is that it allows users to take call on his/her home country mobile number. So, no need to share your new number every time you travel.

Flight Stats

No need to stick your eyes on the flight information display board, now you can view your flight information via this amazing app. You just need to enter your flight number and Flight Stats will display all important information such as terminal number, gates and delays.

Guides by Lonely Planet

If you are planning for a city, you never have been before, Guides by Lonely Planet will be a quite useful app. You can easily find some of the best budget accommodations suggestions along with lots of info regarding your sightseeing.

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