5 Easy steps on how to book flight tickets online

how to book flight tickets online

How to book flight tickets online

How to book flight tickets online is probably one of the most common questions searched in the present day. The growing influence of the internet worldwide shows its true potential here. These are the times when users find the benefits of the internet directly.

While going to the airport to book flight tickets still exist, the online mode is taking over rapidly. It is because this is much easier as compared to the age-old process.

In addition to that online booking allow people to check the flight prices from several airlines at a time. Thereby offering more options to choose from.

As opposed to the fact of standing in line for hours, the whole online booking process would hardly take 5 minutes. And that too can be accomplished from any device such as smartphones or laptop with an internet connection.


5 Steps to Book flight Tickets Online

Tentative & Flexible Travel Plan

Instant flight ticket booking is always a costly affair. And therefore the first step to how to book flights online is to make a travel plan beforehand.

But this does not necessarily mean that you would have to plan a year or 6 months ahead. A minimum of 2-3 months prior planning is sufficient to get you the best price.

Any tentative travel plans give a rough idea about the dates for travel. This helps to search the flights accordingly. One can also search according to the destination and take note of the flight prices.

Then comes the next part that is the flexibility in the plan. Having a flexible plan enables one to select those days when the flight tickets are less costly. As it is commonly seen that flight prices are relatively lesser in off seasons and weekdays as compared to peak season and weekends.


Compare Flights

Once you have chalked out your travel dates roughly, the second step in how to book flight tickets online is to compare the flights. You can choose the economy and fly on a budget airline. Or else you can choose a luxury one and travel in style.

Making a tentative travel plan and flexible dates will show their benefits here. There are 2 types of comparison in flight prices. Firstly, Date-wise and Secondly, Airline-wise.

With a flexible travel plan, you can compare the flight prices of the tentative dates and select the one that suits you. Similarly, some airlines are costly than the others, for example, the budget airlines and the luxury ones.

Summarising, comparing flights and their prices will show you the clear picture of how much which flight will cost on the day you select. And according to this and your planned itinerary you can select the flights.


Look for Promos & Offers

Saving money is always a good idea while travelling. No matter whether it is premium class or economy, saving is always a thing to look out for. And this third step will help one to achieve that. Here are some of the ways in which you can bring down the flight prices.

  • There are many flight booking websites that offer discounts at certain time of the year. If you book your tickets on those dates, you can avail the discounts.
  • Many airlines offer separate fare for just hand baggage or cabin baggage. Here travelling light will save your extra bucks.
  • Many airlines and websites offer discounts through certain credit cards or cashbacks with some selected modes of payment. Availing these will also help you bring down the flight price.
  • Lastly, you can look for coupons or offers which airlines, as well as flight booking websites, provide.


Book the Tickets

Finally, after the selection of tickets and the application of discounts, it is time to finally book the flights. There are many fake websites and there are hackers who send emails of winning a free ticket and so on. It is advisable that one should stay away from all these type of scams.

Usually, the official website of the airline does not always show the best prices. And this is where the 3rd party sites come into the play. They offer discounts, provide a platform where you can see multiple airline flights together and compare them and finally select them.

It is recommended before booking search about the website and read a few reviews. There are many genuine and legal websites as well. Once you do a background search and are satisfied you can proceed for the booking.

The 3 steps on how to book flight tickets online are:

  1. Select your flight. Double-check the date and timings.
  2. Enter the passenger details & coupon details if applicable.
  3. Make payment


Take Printouts

Although E-Tickets are valid everywhere, it is still advisable to get a printout of your tickets. This is because of any unexpected situations which might come up.

Internet connection failure phones out of charge, loss or theft of phones and many more. This kind of situations has the power to put anyone in a picky situation. And delays caused at the airport may even cause you to miss your flight.

Not to get scared with all the possible scenarios, it is always better to remain prepared. Taking print-out acts as a back-up plan seen in numerous cases. Also, download an offline version of your tickets as internet connection might not be available everywhere.


Therefore, the answer to your query on how to book flight tickets online lies in 5 easy steps. Use trusted websites and best deals to make the right flight booking. To know more about the latest travel and technology-related information check here.

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