5 Things to Make Sure You Take along When Travelling for Business – Corporate Trips

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Packing for a trip abroad seems interesting and exciting, but packing for a business trip is entirely a different story. It’s more of a formal business visit rather than a fun-filled trip. Here are top 5 things that one should always carry along when going for corporate trips. Have a look:

Business Cards

Quite an obvious one but many corporate travellers forget to take their business cards along with them. Having spare cards for your business contact can be a lot helpful when meeting new partners, clients and officials. It’s a simple and easy way to expand your business network.

Formal Attire 

Besides all the casual and comfy, sufficient pair of formal attire should be on your packing list. Start from the top to bottom – formal shirts, blazers, pants, socks, shoes, etc. Make sure you choose colours keeping in mind the day and night meetings which you might have to attend.


In this slot, you need to take along all the necessary gadgets including laptop, mobile, iPad, tablet, etc. It is always wise enough to carry at least one of these since relying on your hotel’s/business partner’s computer might cause trouble for you.

Roaming app 

To ensure that high-cost roaming charges do not burn a hole in your pocket, download an international roaming app on your phone. With this, you will be able to make low-cost calls to your home country without worrying about your calling bills.

Travel Insurance

You never know when something unexpected happens during corporate trips. Since you are travelling, you might lose some valuables, or need urgent medical help, wherein travel insurance could be a lot helpful.  

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Kanika Sharma

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