7 Things You Need to Get Ready Before Your FIFA World Cup Trip

Essentials for FIFA World Cup Trip

The FIFA World Cup fever is in its full swing as only a few more weeks are left for the commencement of one of the biggest sports events of the world. This year, the host country is Qatar which is an amazing reserve of natural landscapes including sea and desert. While it is a popular tourist attraction already, this year it will be visited by football worshippers from around the world as well.

Top 7 FIFA World Cup Trip Essentials

Are you too a football fanatic and have planned to fly to Qatar? Before you move for your exciting adventure, we would like to recommend top 7 FIFA World Cup trip essentials:

Carry Decent Clothing

Whether you are male or a female, make sure to carry loose-fitting and light-fabric clothes to beat the heat and stay fresh during your trip. For females, it is advised not to wear short skirts and strappy tops as it does not aligns with the culture of the Qatari society. For men, wearing shorts is only okay if those are below the knees. It is best to wear full length jeans and long pants especially when visiting holy spots.

Get a Cheap International Roaming Package

international roaming

You might have planned to get a travel SIM card when you land in Qatar for international calling. But why do that when you can get an international roaming package at cheap prices and use your existing phone number to stay connected with friends and family. You can save up to 90% on your roaming bills and still enjoy crystal clear calls by downloading an international roaming app on your phone.

Stay Weather-Proof

Though Qatar is not always hot and dry, in November it is pleasantly warm and sunny as the temperature ranges between 23 to 32 degrees. And if you are planning to stay until Christmas, then stay informed that December in Qatar is a little rainier. So, some of the main accessories to shield against weather would include sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or cap, an umbrella or raincoat, water bottles, waterproof phone case, etc.

Get Local Currency

Qatari Riyal is the currency of the state of Qatar. Carrying cash around is important as it makes your travel easier. Though cards work on most of the places but when using local transport and taxis, keeping cash handy would be advisable.

Get Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Getting insured is always a good idea when traveling. You can get yourself covered with the right type of travel insurance before you start with the journey. So in case you fall sick during your time in Qatar or lose luggage, you can get the required financial assistance.

Avoid the Illegal Stuff

Ensure that you don’t pack the prohibited items alongside to avoid landing in any kind of trouble. Some of the noteworthy items are alcohol, pork products or food containing pork, religious books, weapons and firearms, narcotic drugs, etc.

Necessary Travel Documents

hayya card

It’s one of the most important things to carry when you travel to Qatar. The first one is obviously a passport and the next is your tourist visa. Your passport should have six months left before expiry and must have at least two blank pages. Also, Hayya Card is another mandatory document which is basically a fan ID issued by the Qatar state authorities for all local and international fans to facilitate entry to the FIFA tournament. Besides this, you must also carry your COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Last Lines

Certainly, witnessing the FIFA world cup 2022 would be an once-in-a-lifetime memory for you. So make sure you are geared up well with all the important stuff to have the best time in the unique sights and sounds of the Qatar region.

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