Ajura Brings A Better Call Experience By Integrating CallKit – Iphone iOS 10


In order to offer the best calling experience to its customer base, Ajura has integrated iOS 10 CallKit in the app, thereby, bringing a seamless calling experience for the patrons of the app.

In other words, users of this international roaming app will now enjoy a calling experience of the native iPhone application when they make or receive calls using Ajura. This integration brings an enhanced calling experience for Ajura users having an iOS device.

Native User Interface-Same UI while receiving calls on Ajura

With the integration of the CallKit feature, incoming calls on Ajura will appear exactly in the same manner as the usual GSM calls. This means, whenever you receive a call on Ajura, you will see the UI just like when a GSM call is received only with the subtitle stating ‘Ajura Audio’ which indicates that the call is being received on the Ajura app.

No interruption-Call intervention now turned to call waiting

Earlier, users of VoIP based mobile apps had a poor usage experience. While being in the middle of a call received on an app, when they received a GSM call – the data calls would either get disconnected or put on hold, with the phone ringing loudly on the ear of the user. This happened due to the Native OS’ inability to detect a VoIP/data call in progress and hence it would give priority to the GSM call.

However, integration with iOS10 CallKit Feature, Ajura users will not face any call interruptions and will be able to see the incoming GSM call in a call waiting mode.

Phone Lock Screen-Answer calls on app, from the lock screen

All the incoming calls being received on calling apps will now be displayed on the lock screen. Users don’t have to put the passcode to receive calls to unlock screen. Incoming calls will appear directly in native phone UI.

Call History- Now see Ajura call log in the “Recents” tab of native phone

A call which has been missed on a calling app, say –Ajura can now be seen in the ‘Recents’ section of the iPhone and a tap on the same will make a call back to the caller from Ajura itself. So the user does not have to go through the long process of opening the Ajura app and choosing the contact to be called and then making the call back.

With the launch of OS 10, a number of useful features like SiriKit and CallKit have been introduced for the benefit of the iOS users. So now, you can not only ask Siri to make calls using third party apps like the international roaming app-Ajura but also experience calling just like the native of your phone. With all these upgradations creating buzz and enhancing the iOS user experience, hence capturing the attention of Android users, let’s see how soon Android can catch-up.

Zoya Abdali

Zoya Abdali is a travel enthusiast who likes to share her thoughts and experiences on budget travelling, in the form of blogs. She is an avid reader and likes to read classics. Zoya can be reached at zoya@ajura.com.
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