Some Less Known Facts About Your Passport

Do you know some interesting facts about your Passport? A Passport is one of the most important documents of a citizen of any country. Laws related to passport are different for different nations. The First Proper Passport was issued by England In the 15th century, King Henry V issued passports to his subjects as an […]


Some of the Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is one of the favourite destinations for travellers making their way to Europe. The country is known for its scenic beauty & cultural treasures that rank it high in the travel graph. Exploring Italy to the maximum depends a lot on your travel duration. If you are travelling for a shorter duration, then you […]


Travelling Spain-Top Destinations to Visit

If you are planning for a leisure vacation in the near future then Spain should definitely be in your top priority list. The country has an awesome climate that makes it favourite for travellers. Spain has some of the world class beaches and stunning coastline that attracts thousands of beach lovers every year.  Some of […]


Travel Tips when Travelling Alone

Whether you are on a business trip or travelling for leisure, you must follow certain travel guidelines if you are a solo traveler. Travelling alone can be fun as you can meet new people who are complete strangers and exchange thoughts. However, following certain useful tips can turn your travel safe and exciting indeed. Check […]


Travel Tips: How to Pick the Right Travel Accommodation

Before starting a trip, it requires lots of planning and one thing that requires special attention is choosing the right travel accommodation. Many travelers think that choosing the nearest travel accommodation to the airport might be the best option. However, this is a myth. Read the tips and know how to pick the right accommodation. […]


5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone Users

It is needless to mention that as a traveller you will carry all important things to make your trip comfortable. However, most of us ignore travel apps, which are extremely important in the present arena when a lot of things are digitally driven. Let us discuss, some of the best travel apps for iPhone users. […]


Things to Do in Miami Florida-Travel Tips

One of the most popular tourist spots, Miami is known for its scenic beauty and trendy nightlife. With several man-made and natural attractions, the city can leave you feeling pulled in multiple directions. Check out the things to do in Miami Florida Relax at the Beaches in Miami If you are a beach lover, then […]


Travel Tips-Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting China

Before you plan your trip to China, it’s important for you to adhere to some useful tips to make your vacation enjoyable in the Asian country. Compared to many European countries, China is quite different in terms of culture and traditions, so some good knowledge about the country can prevent you from getting less cultural […]


Which are The Safest Places to Travel in 2017?

As 2016 is almost on the verge of ending, many travel enthusiast might think what next in 2017. However, many travelers nowadays think twice before planning a trip abroad due to increasing safety concerns. Many countries which were considered safe in the past have ranked negatively in the safety graph. But do not fear, there […]


Travel Planner – How to Create a Travel Budget?

Travelling to a foreign country involves lots of planning particularly if you are about to go for a vacation. So it’s better to calculate your expenses in advance, so that you do not end up wasting your money and create a last minute mess. As a traveler, its important for you to know how to […]

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