Important Details to know about Ghost Calls

Ghost Calls or phantom calls are those incoming phone calls with no one on the other end. In these calls, there is only dead silence on receiving the call. These calls happen frequently and are time-consuming. They are a major source of annoyance as they occur at any time, right from the middle of the […]


Interesting History & Facts about Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers   Telephone Numbers are the most common form of virtual address for people. While there are other forms or means of contacting people but the telephone call is the most popular one. A telephone number therefore according to Wikipedia definition is a sequence of digits assigned to a fixed line telephone subscriber station. […]


Top 5 Countries with Largest Number of Hacker

Hacker Hacker is the person who engages in hacking. Hacking is the act of unauthorised intrusion into a computer or network, thereby leading to a compromise of digital devices or even the network as a whole. The concept of hackers is more than mere programmers who are talented and often self-taught and seek to gain by […]


The Necessary Details of Drone Technology

Drone Drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is an aircraft without a human pilot abroad. They are remotely controlled or can fly autonomously with the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Usually, in this case, they work with GPS or Global Positioning Service. Technology has come a long way in 2019. In the present day, […]


Important Details of International Roaming

International Roaming International Roaming is a type of telephone service regarding international calls and other service usages. This service enables one to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and emails, browse the internet while visiting another country. Therefore, a person on international roaming can call back to the home country, or […]


Data Breach & Cyber Attacks in 2018

  Data Breach Data Breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private and confidential information without the knowledge or authorization of the system’s owner. This is a major issue of the present day and millions of people have already faced this. This type of cyber-attack and security breach is becoming more common. […]


The Most Useful Mobile Photography Apps for 2019

Photography Apps   Photography Apps are those applications that bring out the best of photos clicked through mobile phones. In today’s world, almost everyone has camera-equipped mobile phones. And to catch hold of the right moment forever, the constant companion, a mobile phone is useful in these situations. This is also the main reason behind […]


6 Types of Most Useful Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Mobile Apps are already a part of our daily lives without us realising our dependency on them. Global mobile phone usage is expected to cross 5 billion by 2019. Estimates also predict 67% of the population to own and use mobile phones by 2019. Because of such a huge number of people using […]

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