Enjoy Global Presence at Local Call Rates with Ajura Global Number

Singapore: Ajura, the leading communication solution provider has expanded its Global Number Facility to 58 Countries. This means businesses and corporate can now own international phone numbers of 58 countries and make their business global. Ajura Global Number is a cost-effective globalization method for businesses around the world. Small & medium sized entrepreneurs now need […]

Ajura extends its Low Cost Roaming Solution to 200 countries – GSM Device Enables Higher Coverage

Singapore: Ajura has now extended its low-cost roaming services for residents of 200 countries, which makes it the 1st roaming solution in the world to offer with such wide coverage. Prior to March 2017, residents of only 54 countries could avail Ajura roaming solutions but now Ajura has introduced GSM device based roaming which has […]

Call to Bangladesh

Call to Bangladesh Making call to Bangladesh landline & mobile numbers from any international destination is now within your budget using Ajura mobile app. Available on Android & iOS, you can use this app to call your friends, relatives or business contacts based in Bangladesh. Make cheap calls to Bangladesh with Ajura In order to […]

Call to Nigeria

Call to Nigeria Making international calls to Nigeria is a pain point due to high call rates of GSM providers. Hence, most people looks for other options to make cheap calls to Nigeria such as calling cards or prepaid cards. However, calling cards has its disadvantages due to the complex process of dialing access number […]

Call to USA

Call to USA Do you have friends or relatives in the United States? If yes then, you may need to call to USA frequently. GSM calling being costly, most users prefers to make calls using other internet calling mediums. However, choosing the right application is important for both quality & affordability. Best Way to Call […]

Call to India

Call to India Are you a NRI whose family lives in India? If that’s the case with you then your calling pattern (making calls to India) would range between daily to once in a week. As the numbers of NRI’s are increasing, so is the need for them to make cheap calls to India. The […]

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