Foreign Currency – 5 Most Frequently used Currencies around the World

Knowledge of International currencies is quite important for a traveller since one has to make monetary transactions using the currency of their destination. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most valued currencies that are used around the world. United States Dollar Also abbreviated US$, United States Dollar is the official currency […]


Things to Know before Applying a Passport Application

Having a passport is one of the most important things to do when planning for an international travel. In majority of the countries around the world, a passport holder with a valid visa is entitled to enter the country. So, here are some important points that every traveller should know before making a passport application: […]


Travelling to Netherlands – Learn the Basics of Dutch Culture!

Having your next trip to Netherlands? Not sure about the culture, language, and people there? Well, we’ve made it easy for you with the below-mentioned points. Have a look: The language Dutch, a West Germanic language is the official language of this country and is spoken by most of its residents. Dutch Low Saxon and Limburgish are other regional […]


Common Russian Terms to Learn When Travelling to Moscow

The capital and most populous city of Russia, Moscow is one of the world’s largest economy and is a growing tourist destination. Be it the Old Arbat Street, the Red Square, or the world-renowned Saint Basil’s Cathedral, people make way to this city to learn, explore and have leisure. So, if you are travelling to […]


5 Super-Easy Ways to Prepare Your Phone for an International Trip

You just cannot do without your phone – no questions, no doubts! Especially when it is about going for a trip abroad, you need that smart device in your hand to make calls, browse the internet, find things and do more. But are your sure that your smartphone is ready to go abroad too? There […]


6 Weird Tourist Spots in the US that You Must Visit

The statue of Liberty, The Walt Disney World, The Golden Gate Bridge and The Yellowstone National Park – there are several famous tourist spots in the US that we all have heard and seen. However, besides these popular landmarks, there are several attractions in the US which are lesser known to the tourists but are […]


Must-To-Carry Travel Documents for International Travellers

No matter where in the world you wish to roam, you certainly need your travel documents to ensure comfort, safety, and a hassle-free wayfaring. In this post, I’m sharing a list of important travel documents so that you do not miss anything crucial before you leave for your next trip. Have a look! Passport One […]


Most Amazing Destinations in Europe to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year brings with it new hopes and new vibes. For those who like to explore more, it seems like an opportunity to meet new people, discover new places and celebrate like never before. So if you’re a travel fanatic like me, here are some of the most exciting destinations in Europe where you can […]


Travel Advice – Survival Guide to Travel with Kids during a Flight

Dealing with kids can be simply a nightmare and when it is about taking them out for a trip, the worries arise even to a greater extent. But you don’t need to worry! With these 7 smart parenting tips to travel with kids, you can easily manage things: Prefer Non-stop flights The discomfort of changing […]


Why Should Rio de Janeiro be your next Travel Destination?

Being the second most populous municipality in Brazil, this city has made news for its laidback beach culture, breathtaking landscape and hosting of international events including 2016 summer Olympics and 2016 summer Paralympics. As a primary tourist attraction and resort in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro receives 2.82 million visits from all over the world every […]

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