Money Saving Tricks When Planning for a Spanish Vacation

From booking flights to fine dining and much more, when travelling for an International trip, all we need is an advice on finding tour packages with lower cost. Right? So, before you book your trip to Spain, check out these money-saving tricks to get the most out of your trip without missing any of the […]


Famous Tourist Attractions to see in Chile – Travel To Chile

Known for its rich mineral wealth, forests, mountains, twisting peninsulas, islands and volcanoes, Chile is a country that attracts millions of tourists every year. This post lists out some of the most interesting tourist attractions in Chile that one must visit. Have a look: Santiago It is the largest and capital city of the Chile and […]


Avoiding Mobile Bill Shock is Easy – Best International Roaming Practices

You must have heard the shocking stories of individuals that go on international vacation and return back only to get a thousand dollar mobile bill shock. Things get worse when even after having arguments with the network operators for such high roaming costs, one has to pay the bill.  To ensure that you don’t face […]


Best Places Around the World for A Superb Travel Selfie

Remember those days when you had to stop a random passer-by in front of an iconic destination saying “Excuse me! Can you please take pictures of ours”? However today, you need not ask someone for taking your photographs. You just need three basic things to take the best selfie-A selfie stick, high megapixel camera, and the […]


Best Tourist Attractions – Must See Sights Around the World

Holidays are a special opportunity for each one of us to make memories and have fun. One of the major aspects of having a memorable time is the destination you choose for your vacation.  While there’s a world full of amazing tourist spots to explore, we take a look at the best tourist Attractions for […]


France beyond Paris – Places to Go on Holiday in France

Paris has always been synonymous with France, however, there is a lot more to France than just Paris and the Eiffel Tower. We take a look at the other cities in France which are worth visiting. Holidays to Nice The fifth largest city in France is known for its 7 km long pristine beach along […]


Luggage Terms – Things about Airline Baggage That Every Traveller Should Know

Luggage or more commonly called as baggage is a term that includes bags, containers, trunks, cases, etc which are used to carry the things or articles of the traveller. In this post, we will be highlighting some of the most basic luggage terms that every airline traveller should be aware of: Baggage Allowance – Luggage […]


Student Travel – What to Pack When Traveling Abroad for School

Fitting your whole life into two suitcases when travelling abroad for study is a tough task but you have to do that, there’s no other option. Though you just cannot literally take everything, but it is important not to miss something which is crucial and necessary. This post will act as a guide for all […]


Luxurious Cruise Ships worth Travelling In – Cruise around the World

Sailing to exotic destinations across the world in a luxurious ship is an idea of a perfect holiday for many people. Therefore, in this post, we list out a few prominent ships known to offer the best sailing experience. Seven Seas Explorer – Cruises To Go This cruise ship boasts of all things elegant. Each […]


Italy Travel – Interesting Sights in Rome That are Often Missed!

Its dazzling architecture, its eternal beauty and the mesmerizing sights, the city of Rome is certainly a treat to the vision for tourists around the world. However, besides the usual and seen, there lies a different side to this city which is less discovered and often missed. Take a look at some interesting spots that […]

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