Interesting Facts about Russia

Officially called the Russian Federation, Russia offers a myriad of options to every kind of tourist, be it cities enveloped in history, idyllic countryside or artistic riches, epic train rides etc. In this post, we look at some amazing facts of the country. Largest Country in the World Covering an area of approximately 17,075,200 sq. […]


Best Places to go on Holiday-Emerging Vacation Spots

When we consider going on a holiday abroad, the destinations which generally cross our mind are always the popular ones like Paris, London, New York, Egypt, to name a few. But do you know that there are several destinations which are gathering favour and experiencing a spike in its tourism? Find out which are these […]


Ajura Brings A Better Call Experience By Integrating CallKit – Iphone iOS 10

In order to offer the best calling experience to its customer base, Ajura has integrated iOS 10 CallKit in the app, thereby, bringing a seamless calling experience for the patrons of the app. In other words, users of this international roaming app will now enjoy a calling experience of the native iPhone application when they make or […]


Pay As You Go SIM – Guide to Buy a Prepaid SIM card in Canada

Are you all set to travel to Canada? But wait – you haven’t decided how you will keep in touch with your family/friends back in your home country while you are travelling within the Canadian borders? We suggest you take a prepaid SIM card (better known as pay as you go SIM) to make cheap […]


How to Say Hello in Different Languages

Those who have a passion for traveling, agree on the fact that an enriching holiday is one where interacting with locals is involved. Learning about new practices, customs, culture, and about the destination, makes for a pleasantly unique trip. So, in order to interact with locals, travelers are recommended to learn some common words of […]


New Year’s Eve – Strange Traditions Practised Around the World

Everyone has their own unique way of enjoying new year’s eve celebration. Some like to party with friends while some prefer spending quiet time with family. But have you ever heard of people throwing bread, breaking plates on neighbour’s door or eating grapes at midnight for good luck? Read on to know some weird traditions […]


iPhone Hands Free – Ask Siri to Make Calls Using Ajura

All iOS users are familiar with Siri, infact many Apple product’s patrons use this personal digital assistant to perform important tasks like making calls, booking a cab, setting an appointment/alarm and more so – on a daily basis. Now, Ajura is also made compatible with Siri, which means, you need to just open Siri and […]


Learning a Foreign Language – Why Must a Traveller Do That?

It is true that these days learning a foreign language is not required to enjoy a holiday overseas. However, if you do learn the basic phrases of the language of the country you are visiting, the experience can be a unique one. Know how: Make new friends – Create lasting memories Travelling during a vacation […]


United Arab Emirates – Laws to Keep in Mind before Visiting UAE

Travelling to UAE for either work or holiday is very common these days. However, you must be aware of the laws of the country you are travelling to, especially if you are a visitor from a western country. We list out a few facts and pointers which one must keep in mind before visiting the […]


Travel Tips – 4 Habits A Traveller Must Adopt

When one thinks of travelling, one generally considers the positives which include sightseeing, exploring new destinations, savouring new food etc. but no one considers the situation that one may face in case of an unfortunate incident. Misplacing your luggage during transit, losing your important documents, getting sick or having something stolen, these are some unforeseen […]

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