How to Motivate Employees – Tips to Make their Business Trip Convenient

Traveling for leisure is always exciting for everyone but if you travel for business purpose, the same cannot be said. Reaching the airport, checking in, enduring a long flight, getting used to a foreign country and its climate, and lodging; a business trip abroad may sound glorious but the actual scenario is just the opposite. […]


Smartphone Usage – Guide to Use your Phone Effectively while Touring Abroad

Most of us consider our smartphones to be our lifeline as it connects us with those sitting far or close, entertains us and helps us in several other things. Such is the importance of our smartphone that we would feel completely lost and disconnected without this device. But what happens when we travel overseas? Given […]


Buying a Prepaid SIM Card in Hong Kong

Have you ever gone shopping for your next SIM card, in a flea market – where there are dozens of sellers offering up to 50 brands of SIM cards with various voice and data combinations? And you decide to pick up a few SIM cards for your next month’s usage? Most of us can’t think […]


Holiday Packing List – 5 Essential Items to Carry on your Vacation

Travelling generally invokes feelings of excitement for most, however, in the enthusiasm, many forget to keep small but important items while packing. We list down a few things which a traveller must carry to ensure a convenient trip. Holiday Essentials – Duct Tape and Safety Pins Did you ever face the embarrassing experience of getting […]


Prepaid SIM Card – Which Pay as you go SIM to Buy On Your Trip to UK?

When one travels abroad, one often keeps in touch with family and business contacts back home. However, carrying home country SIM card abroad and using it is extremely expensive. One alternative to staying in touch with people back in home country is taking a prepaid SIM card of the visiting country. In this blog, find […]


Travel Booking Agents – Why are they Still in Business?

Consulting a travel agent while planning a trip abroad might sound unnecessary and outdated but getting professional assistance sometimes can make a big difference, especially when the trip involves travelling to multiple cities or countries. Listed below are the various advantages of seeking the services of a travel agent: Time Saving Planning a holiday or […]


Travel Overseas Cheap – Budget Travel Tips Every Wanderlust Must Know

Travelling is a passion for many, however, this passion comes with some inevitable expenditures. It includes accommodation, commuting, paying roaming bills, to name a few. While we cannot eliminate these expenses, we can suggest some travel tips to reduce these outlays for the benefit of the budget traveller:  


Buying a Prepaid SIM Card in Malaysia

Travelling abroad involves making a lot of arrangements like applying for a visa, travel insurance, packing etc. In all these activities, one does not concentrate on a small yet important task which is arranging for a prepaid SIM card of the country being visited. Buying a prepaid SIM card after landing in a foreign country […]


Where to Buy a SIM Card – Singapore

Prior to travelling overseas, one is involved in various activities related to travelling like applying for a visa, arranging travel insurance, packing, getting foreign exchange etc. Being engaged in all the preparation, one tends to forget small but important things like arranging a prepaid SIM card for the purpose of keeping in touch with family […]


High International Roaming Bill – How to Get it Approved From Boss?

A business traveller often needs to keep in constant touch with clients, superiors and subordinates, thereby resulting in huge mobile roaming bill during trips abroad. The pain-point of these travellers is that such huge bills do not get approved by their boss. Hence employees are often left to bear the brunt of high roaming mobile […]

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