Avoiding Mobile Bill Shock is Easy – Best International Roaming Practices

Bill Shock

You must have heard the shocking stories of individuals that go on international vacation and return back only to get a thousand dollar mobile bill shock. Things get worse when even after having arguments with the network operators for such high roaming costs, one has to pay the bill.  To ensure that you don’t face such situations, here are a couple of tips to keep your versatile bills low when you travel abroad:

Turn off Mobile Data

It goes without saying that to avoid roaming charges, you must turn off mobile data. But you will also require internet at least once in a while. In such cases, free Wi-Fi is your best escape from sky-high mobile roaming charges. Hotels, airports, cafes, etc. are the places where you can surf the web for free.

Try not to Stream Music and Videos

In case you cannot avoid browsing the internet using your mobile data, then try not to browse music and videos as these consume huge amounts of data on your phone. Rather, download music and motion pictures before you travel. A little arrangement could spare you thousands of bucks!

Check Call/SMS Data Costs

Regardless of the fact that you don’t anticipate utilizing your mobile phone while you are away, it’s generally best to check the rates of calls, SMS messages and data charged by the network operator in your destination country.

Install a Money Saving Travel App

Since apps are easy to use, you can  download Ajura which is smart roaming solution. It is an app that helps you cut down on high international roaming charges, and receive calls at just nominal rates when abroad. Kudos to technology for such gifts that roaming abroad and saving on sky-high mobile bills have become easy.

Let us know your experiences about using international roaming services when on a trip abroad!

Karolina Pavlov

A travel fanatic, a reading enthusiast and a candid individual. Karolina has spent more than 9 years in travel and tourism, gathering a rich knowledge about this industry. Writing and interacting with people makes her happy!
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