Bahamas Cuisine – What to Eat on Your Trip to Bahamas?

bahamas cuisine

Warm sun, sandy beaches, and eclectic dishes with southern American and Caribbean flavours – welcome to the Bahamas, the land of more than 700 islands. In this post, we will take a look at the interesting aspects of Bahamas cuisine to help you experience the best flavours during your trip:


Soups in Bahamas – Conch Soup

Peas are a popular ingredient that is used in most of the soups. Some varieties of soups that you should definitely try include conch soup, fish chowder, split pea soup. Callaloo is another famous soup whose main ingredient is a vegetable leaf.

Bahamas Seafood

For those who relish seafood, there are ample things to taste in the Bahamas. Conch, which is the National dish of Bahamas, includes a tropical sea snail served with raw lime juice and spices. Bonefish, which is favourite of many is served baked. You can also try fish which is generally served with lime juice and seasoning.

Meat and Side Dishes

Chicken, pork, and mutton are the main ingredients for meat dishes in the Bahamas. Side dishes include baked macaroni, potato salad, sweet potato, pigeon peas, cassava bread, etc. Johnnycake, a cornmeal flatbread is also worth a try.

Beverages – Tropical Drinks

bahama mama

One of the most common beverages used here is coconut water. A popular drink is Bahama Mama which is a slushy beverage made by combining rum with coconut flavour, pineapple juice, and orange juice. However, for a different taste, you can try out Goombay Punch that will fill you with sweetness. For lemon lovers, Switcha is a must to try lemonade that is made with the native lemons.

Also, rum infused with coconut water, gin infused with coconut water and condensed milk, and Kalik which is a Bahamian beer should not be missed.

Fruits and Desserts

Tropical fruits like guava and papaya are used for making desserts. Coconut and pineapple tarts, bread puddings, rum cakes and cornmeal puddings are other well-relished deserts here.

Feeling excited about your trip to the Bahamas already? We wish you a great trip and an awesome Bahamas cuisine experience. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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