Does Travelling Meant to be Always Expensive?

budget travel hacks

Booking Flights. Preparing checklists. Packing necessities. Excitement and anxiety accompany you as soon as the idea of travelling comes into your mind and lasts till you are back home. Amidst all the back and forth, you end up investing a lot of money on just one trip. Those little purchases pile up to cost you nothing less than a fortune and the whole joy gets banished.

But does it always has to be so much? Not really, if you adopt these pro budget-travel hacks. Take a look:

Do Not Take Along Just ‘Everything’

travel packing

I understand the fact that you need to be ready with the stuff that you would need during your trip. Nevertheless, almost all travel destinations these days have local markets equipped with such stuff for visitors. From Slippers to Umbrellas, you can get things easily whenever required. For that reason, stop purchasing just everything and save money for other useful things.

Avoid Luxurious Stay

budget accomodation

Though a few travel plans are made just to land to luxurious suites and spend the majority of vacation lying on the soft couches. But for the rest, those who are there for a reason – to explore, to know, to relish and to gather. What about them? If you have the same travel mottos, then do you think spending a hundred thousand dollars on a 5-star hotel booking would be a wise idea? Taking reasonable rentals and home accommodations could save you a lot.

Phone Calls should Not Cost You a Fortune

international roaming

Do you know that a 5-minute phone call could be as much as $80 when you are on international roaming? Imagine if you have to make 10 such calls during your trip then you might end up paying a hefty amount. But what if you can make calls to your home country for almost free by just installing an international roaming app on your smartphone. With this, you can make calls to your friends and family back home at any moment of time without paying much tariff.

Prefer Cost-friendly Meals

economy meals

So how do you like your eggs? In a Cake? Well, that’s tempting but eating in high-end restaurants while you are on a trip might not be a pocket-friendly idea. A simple way to avoid expensive meals is to find local restaurants and opt for combo meals.

Got something to say? Go ahead writing in the comments section. Also, read our blog post on International Travel Tips for the Newbie Traveller

Kanika Sharma

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