Travel Overseas Cheap – Budget Travel Tips Every Wanderlust Must Know

budget travel tips

Travelling is a passion for many, however, this passion comes with some inevitable expenditures. It includes accommodation, commuting, paying roaming bills, to name a few. While we cannot eliminate these expenses, we can suggest some travel tips to reduce these outlays for the benefit of the budget traveller:

Look for an Affordable Accommodation – Best Deals on Hotel Bookings 

For groups and families, one of the best travel tips is to rent a house or a condo instead of taking several rooms in a hotel. The rented house/condo will not only provide ample space for a large group but will also be cost-effective (it can save half the price of hotel rooms). Budget travellers may also save money on food by cooking meals themselves, hence, saving bucks on expensive restaurants. For those travelling on solo budget, dormitories or hostels are a good option for cheap accommodation.

Getting Around Cost-Effectively

It is better to avoid driving a car. Simply because it may not only be expensive but the traveller might end up with at least one (if not more) speeding tickets. This could happen because of either not knowing the speed limits of the visiting country or maybe by crossing the speed limit accidentally. In both the cases, it is better to avoid driving a car. Using public transport with passes is recommended as it is cheap. Also, one need not worry about issues like speeding, parking space, and parking fee. Keep this travel tip in mind to stay safe!

Consider International Roaming Mobile Bills

It is necessary to keep in touch with family or colleagues when travelling. However, spending a huge sum on making calls back to the home country is not affordable for everyone. There are some good options that travellers can adopt to reduce their international roaming mobile bill.

Prepaid SIM Card:

Taking a prepaid SIM card of the visiting country would let the traveller make local calls and use data as well.  However, the catch here is that the one will have to SMS the new number and the duration of the trip to his contacts. Further, the callers to the traveller have to pay long distance call charges to keep in touch with him.

Download International Roaming App:

An excellent alternative comprises downloading a useful roaming app. Such an app will not only offer a low-cost roaming solution but also provides a variety of other benefits. The list includes receiving calls on home country mobile number while travelling abroad, mobile top-up facility, etc. These apps are easy to use as these do not necessarily require a prepaid SIM card but work well along with it.

Now that you are forewarned and guided with these useful travel tips, we hope you will have a memorable holiday which is light on your pocket but high on fun. Bon voyage!

Zoya Abdali

Zoya Abdali is a travel enthusiast who likes to share her thoughts and experiences on budget travelling, in the form of blogs. She is an avid reader and likes to read classics. Zoya can be reached at
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