Prepaid Mobile SIM Card – Why Should you Carry One on a Trip Overseas

Buying a local SIM

Do you know ‘international roaming mobile bill shock’ can give you a heart attack? Many users make the mistake of continuing to use their home country mobile number while touring abroad. If you were also thinking of doing the same, STOP and think twice. International roaming can cause your mobile bill to increase to an alarming amount. The solution to this problem is to take a SIM card of the country you are visiting as there are numerous advantages of local SIM card while travelling abroad.  Read on to know more:

Pay as you go SIM for Abroad – Save on International Roaming

By purchasing a local SIM card of the country you are visiting you can save on incurring hefty roaming charges. Stories of people getting back from their holiday and receiving a huge mobile bill amount, due to international roaming, still gets written about. Save yourself from such hassles and take a local SIM card to stay connected with friends and family the cheaper way.

Local Number – Convenience of being reachable 

If your friend or a family member living in the country which you are visiting wants to contact you, they can call you on that number. Easy and simple! If your hotel staff wants to reach you in case of an emergency, it is too much of a hassle reaching out on an international number. Not all hotels would go to that length. In this situation, it is best advised to take a local SIM card and be reachable via the same.

Ease of usage of data

What’s more! You don’t have to worry about data. If you purchase a local SIM, you can choose a rate plan which offers you voice calls along with a suitable data plan. Hence, you get the best of both worlds!


Taking a SIM card in most countries is as easy as hopping to the nearby grocery shop. The first stop where you can easily find a SIM card is the airport. SIM cards can also be purchased at local shops and malls. It’s a world of globalisation after all!

Top Up your SIM card with Ajura

Often top up of a SIM card becomes an issue as travellers cannot search for local vendors to top up their SIM in a foreign location. Easing the problem of top up and simplifying keeping in touch while travelling, Ajura offers its users the privilege of recharging their SIM card while on the go. Users may recharge the SIM of the country they are visiting and waive off top up blues.

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