International Travel – Checklist for the Frequent International Traveller

Checklist for international traveller

Are you planning to travel overseas in the year ahead? Here’s a handy checklist of all the important aspects one should keep in mind to ensure a pleasant trip.

Validity of Passport

Although it goes without saying that you should check your passport before booking tickets for a flight, while doing so, one must also look at the finer details like checking the validity of the passport. It is possible that your passport might be expiring during the period of the trip.

Various countries have their own criteria of entry. While some countries require a prior validity of a passport ranging between 1-3 months, some countries, on the other hand; accept validity of at least six months. Only countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada will let you in with passports valid for the duration of your stay. So don’t let your vacation get spoiled owing to the issues of the validity of passport.

Staying Connected During the Trip

Staying connected with friends and family abroad while on a trip overseas is important. Switching on data or roaming, while overseas is not advisable considering the bill shocks you will receive after returning from the trip. The traveller is advised to either take a SIM card of the country being visited, for ease of data and local calling or opt for various international roaming apps to ensure continuity in keeping in touch with family, colleagues or clients in the home country.

Prepare For The Unanticipated

Travellers are advised to get a travel insurance which covers their medical expenses in case of any accident while travelling overseas. It is always better to be prepared for any unwanted accident rather than be caught unaware and then bear the brunt through costly expenses. Becoming a victim of theft and realising that you are in a foreign country without any money can be a traveller’s nightmare. Insurance also covers lost/stolen luggage, and other losses incurred while travelling.

With these important aspects covered, let your trip abroad be convenient and full of pleasant memories which you keep reminiscing for years.

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