Enjoy Global Presence at Local Call Rates with Ajura Global Number


Ajura, the leading communication solution provider has expanded its Global Number Facility to 58 Countries. This means businesses and corporate can now own international phone numbers of 58 countries and make their business global.

Ajura Global Number is a cost-effective globalization method for businesses around the world. Small & medium sized entrepreneurs now need not bear the pain of infrastructure & manpower cost if they want to make a global presence, Ajura Global number makes this possible.

Ajura’s CEO, Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee, explains “The subscribers of the Ajura Global Number can receive incoming calls of that number on their home country mobile number. With this, SMBEs can give their international clients the benefit to contact them by paying only local call charges.

Entrepreneurs can subscribe to Global Number of popular destination such as UK or US and receive all calls on their local number.  The biggest advantage of Ajura Global number is that users can now display the international number while making an outgoing call.

Mr. Chatterjee further adds, Ajura Global number will empower businesses to give a local touch to their international clients and also facilitate them to extend their business opportunity.

In order to avail Ajura Global Number service, users need to download the Ajura app from Google Play & Apple Store.

About Ajura

Ajura is a vertical of REVE Group, which is headquartered in Singapore with its development centres in Bangladesh & India. Ajura has users from 114 countries which makes it a global communication service provider. Apart from Global Number, Ajura provides Low Cost Roaming & Cheap International Calling Solution.

Ajura Editor’s Desk

Ajura Customer Support is available round the clock for your assistance. For any further information or media queries, kindly email: media@ajura.com 


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