Corporate Traveller – Essential Items to Pack on a Business Trip

Items to pack on a business trip

Travelling for business purpose can be highly uncomfortable when you forget to carry an essential item/commodity like a laptop/phone charger etc., on the trip. We suggest some essential items which you must keep while packing, so as to ensure a comfortable business trip.

Multi-Pin Connectors and Multi-Charger

Those travelling for business purpose often use a variety of gadgets like a laptop, tablet, smartphone, kindle, among others. Some of these devices are extremely important for carrying out business functions during the trip, hence, running out of battery will leave you high and dry. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a multi-charger so as to keep these gadgets charged and working. A multi-pin connector would help you in charging several gadgets at once hence saving time.

Roaming Solution

While touring abroad, every business traveller contacts either their family, colleagues, seniors or subordinates, who are present in the home country. This activity leads to the traveller bearing high international mobile roaming expenses due to which people resort to various alternatives. Some try to avoid making calls in the home country while others take a prepaid SIM card of the visiting country and then message/SMS the new number and the duration of their trip.

The problem in taking a prepaid SIM card of the visiting country is that it does not solve the roaming issue because if the traveller wants to make a call in the home country, it will be an expensive long distance call to the traveller. Therefore, finding a solution to this problem is considered of supreme importance.

Luckily few mobile apps have been introduced in the market which offers a low-cost roaming solution. Some of these apps not only provide low-cost international roaming charges but also offer a combination of other beneficial services like SMS/mobile top-up facility, receiving incoming calls on the home country mobile number while roaming and so on. So find yourself an app which suits your requirements and forget roaming issues.

 Portable Wi-Fi

If you can patiently wait to reach a free Wi-Fi zone to use the internet, nothing better but in case you require uninterrupted internet access on the go for business purpose like receiving and sending emails, attending meetings online etc., it is recommended that you carry a portable Wi-Fi. Easily available in the market, a portable Wi-Fi will remove your internet issues and will not let you miss any important work, even when you are travelling non-stop.

With these devices packed, your business trip will be comfortable.

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