5 Incredibly Useful Features of Ajura International Roaming App

Useful Features of Ajura International Roaming App

A lot has been said and discussed about roaming charges when traveling internationally, but it is still a concern for travelers and makes them groan. As the New Year kicks in, many people around the world are planning to visit popular travel destinations. But roaming charges are on their mind all the time – a hindrance that restricts travelers from getting in touch with their family and friends while they are traveling.

So, what’s the solution? When traveling outside your home country, roaming becomes inevitable – It’s convenient but it’s expensive. A better solution is to use an international roaming app on your phone. But how do you do that? The simplest way is to download and install Ajura.

What is Ajura International Roaming App?

Ajura is an International Roaming app developed and designed keeping in mind the calling needs of international travelers. Ajura has some unique and incredible features that allows international travelers to save extensively on international roaming costs.

With that, let us take a look at 5 highlighting features of Ajura International Roaming App.

Free App to App Calling

This is the most convenient and pocket-friendly calling facility provided in the Ajura app. Ajura app users can make free calls (call free of charges) to another Ajura app user when both the users are online (connected to the internet).

Outcall Packages

Ajura Outcall is the facility through which Ajura App users can make outgoing calls to any international number from their app at much reasonable rates. This saves the users from paying hefty long distance calling charges.

GSM CallBack

Suppose an Ajura App user has a slow internet connection but he wants to make an outgoing call. So with GSM callback option, when the Ajura app user dials a number, he receives a call from the server which connects his call to the recipient.

GSM CallOut

This calling option is useful when the Ajura app user has no access to the internet. Here, the call is generated from the Ajura app user’s SIM card and dialed to a number from where the call gets connected to the intended destination. In this case, local GSM call charges are applicable.

Family Sharing

As the name suggests, this feature lets Ajura users share their app credit and outcall packages with their friends and family who are also using the Ajura app. For instance, you have $100 credit in your Ajura wallet, which you, as a parent, can share with any other Ajura user, by authorizing them. They can use this credit to make calls and do other activities through their Ajura app.

With all these features in one app, you can stay assured that connecting with your circle is no more a problem when you are touring overseas. To get started, you can download the Ajura app on your Android and iOS devices. You can also read our blog on Enjoy Global Presence at Local Call Rates with Ajura Global Number

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