How to Globalize your Business with an International Phone Number?

interntaional phone number

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face in the present age is to make their presence global. In other words, to be reachable to the worldwide audience at a limited cost. For example, let’s assume, you are running a Digital Marketing Company based in Sri Lanka. You want to penetrate in the international market but you may be confused how to go about it. You might be offering the best services at a very reasonable price compared to the target market where similar other services are offered at a higher cost. However, without a proper strategy, you will not attain customers.

A great solution for these type of businesses is to subscribe to Ajura Global number/ international phone number or phone number of the countries from where you expect to receive your customers.

Let’s say, you want to acquire clients from the US, then you can subscribe to an US phone number. This number could be flashed on your website, emailers and other social channels that you might be using. Now, if any potential customer calls on your US number, you can receive the call on your home country mobile number or on the Ajura App.

This way, you will be able to acquire more and more customers. Those who earlier abstained from calling you on your home country number due to the fear of bearing ISD charges, these customers will now be delighted to reach you on a local number.

Similarly, if you plan to further expand your business in multiple countries, you can subscribe to Ajura International phone number for other countries as well.

With Ajura Global number, you will get rid from the hassles and the additional cost burden involved in setting up offices across multiple locations.

At a very nominal monthly subscription charge, you can now globalize your business and expand your customer base.

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