Cheap Ways to Travel – Guide to Budget Travelling

Budget Travelling

When you think of a holiday abroad, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of the trip. Flight ticket charge, accommodation, meal cost, commuting, shopping and the list of expenses seem to go on. These expenditures often make you think twice before planning any holiday. We suggest few tips on how to go for budget travelling yet enjoy your vacation.

Travel in off-season

One of the best ways to reduce your expenses during a holiday whether, domestic or international, is by travelling in off season. By doing so, you not only avoid the rush during the peak season but also save yourself from getting overcharged owing to inflated prices in the rush hour. Moreover, hotels and airlines provide significant discounts during the slack period.

Use booking websites to grab discounts on hotels/flights

Several booking websites provide great deals if you book hotels/flights/trains through them. Various prominent names in the travel industry offer excellent deals on hotel, flight, and train bookings if done through their website. Apart from giving a discount on booking, these websites give out attractive offers like cash back, buy one get one free offer, more discount on next booking etc.

Use cost saving apps during the trip

Reducing expenses while travelling is no longer a task these days, thanks to several useful apps which help in saving money as such apps offer an alternative to spending a huge amount of money on various aspects of travelling. For example, Ajura is an app which offers low-cost international roaming and helps you avoid paying hefty international roaming mobile bills. This app not only provides low-cost roaming but also offers the user, the privilege of receiving calls from their home country mobile number while travelling overseas.

Transportation hacks

Commuting also forms a part of traveling expenditure, therefore, it is recommended that travellers use carpooling service. By carpooling, not only do you save money but also contribute to save the planet. Travellers can also consider using public transport for city tours for moving within the city/country. However, walking is recommended to cover a short distance.

With all these budget travelling hacks, it is possible to spend a memorable vacation on a budget. You can also read our blog post on – Budget Travel Tips Every Wanderlust Must Know.

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