How to Say Hello in Different Languages


Those who have a passion for traveling, agree on the fact that an enriching holiday is one where interacting with locals is involved. Learning about new practices, customs, culture, and about the destination, makes for a pleasantly unique trip. So, in order to interact with locals, travelers are recommended to learn some common words of the language of the destination they are visiting.

List- How to Say Hello in Different Languages

All cultures have that one word which serves as the ice-breaker and gets two people talking. This magic word is ‘Hello’. We look into the several ways of saying just that in this post.

Arabic-based languages – Marhabah/Marhabaan

Albanian – Përshëndetje

Belarusian – Dobry dzień

Chinese – Ni hao

Czech – Ahoj

Estonia – Tere

French – Bonjour

German – Hallo

Hawaii – Aloha

Hindi – Namaste

Italian – Ciao

Japanese – Kon’nichiwa

Latin – Salve

Latvian – Sveiki

Malay – Hello

Polish – Cześć

Portuguese – Olá

Romanian – Buna

Russian – Zdravstvuyte

Slovenian – Zdravo

Swedish – Hallå

Thai – S̄wạs̄dī

Turkish – Merhaba

Vietnamese – Chào bạn

So that’s quite a number of ways to say hello and make complete strangers into friends. Apart from learning about a diverse mix of cultures and customs, and making friends; interacting with the locals helps you in a number of other ways. For e.g. you get to know a lot of things about the place you are visiting – such as the understated tourist attractions, legends, and folklore associated with the destination. You also enjoy finding out the various places you can have authentic food of the place and give a local feel to your trip. Furthermore, learn which place is safe to visit and which must be avoided or the precautions to be taken while visiting any particular location (if needed).

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So, what are you waiting for? Chart your journey and create lasting memories! Bon Voyage!

Zoya Abdali

Zoya Abdali is a travel enthusiast who likes to share her thoughts and experiences on budget travelling, in the form of blogs. She is an avid reader and likes to read classics. Zoya can be reached at
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