3 Crucial Things to Know about International Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Most of us must have heard about international travel medical insurance but many of you may be unclear regarding it or have questions in mind. Through this blog, I will try to give you a gist of International Travel Medical Insurance, its benefits, and factors you should consider while purchasing a policy.

Your Travelling Destination is a Deciding Factor

Purchasing a travel insurance greatly depends on your traveling destination.  For example, if you are traveling to any European country like the US, UK or France, it’s better to go for a travel medical insurance as healthcare in these countries is obviously way too expensive. Alternatively, if someone from the US is visiting India, it may not be wise to take a travel insurance considering India is a country where medical care is relatively cheaper than European countries.

Check Your Medical Evacuation Benefit

As you go through the benefits of an insurance policy, you will notice that medical evacuation as one feature which is an expensive benefit. If you have this benefit in your insurance policy then you can enjoy the facility of being transported to a nearest medical center in case the treatment is not available locally. In some cases, Medical Evacuation includes compassionate visits for spouse or family member in case the beneficiary has not been evacuated. However, an insurance policy with this feature will only be useful to you if you have plans to visit some remote locations.

Beware of Terminologies

While you are in the process of purchasing an international travel medical insurance, read the terms & conditions very thoroughly. Some terminology may be very clear but may have a certain hidden clause or conditional elements. For example, in the case of Medical Evacuation, you may think that you are entitled to get complete treatment at the transported medical facility. However, that is not the case as it only provides you the basic facility until you are transported. Rest things need to be covered by your medical insurance.

Based on the above discussion, next time be cautious before deciding to purchase any international medical insurance.

Abhijeet Guha

Abhijeet is an active blogger with decent experience in the travel and tourism industry. He researches on various topics related to travel and pens down his thoughts in the form of articles & blogs. You can reach him at abhijeet@revesoft.com.
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