Japan Travel – Do you Know these 11 Interesting Facts About Japan?

Japan Travel

Stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the southwest, Japan is a sovereign island nation in East Asia. Here are some interesting Japan travel facts for you to know. Take a look:

  • The 127 million population of Japan is world’s tenth largest wherein Japanese people accounts for more than 98% of the population.
  • Japan is a volcanic island group consisting of approximately 6,852 islands with  Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku making up the four largest islands of the chain.
  • Japan is counted as the world’s third -largest economy by GDP and is also the fourth largest importer and exporter of the world.
  • Japan has more than 90, 000 wildlife species including Japanese Macaque, Large Japanese Field Mouse, Japanese giant salamander and brown bear.
  • Accounting to more than 19 million international tourists in this country, one of the most promising businesses in Japan is considered to be tourism from abroad.
  • Some of the most famous world Heritage sites including Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara, Himeji Castle and Historic Monuments of Kyoto are located in Japan.
  • Chinese travellers are considered to be the highest spenders in Japan, after which comes the travellers from South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
  • Shinto is the religion that is considered to be practiced by nearly 80% of the Japanese population. There are approximately 10,000 shrines and 78,890 priests in the county.
  • As far as the language is concerned, Japanese is the first language of the country. Besides this, Ryukyuan languages including Amami, Kunigami, Okinawan, Miyako, Yaeyama, and Yonaguni are also spoken.
  • Japanese culture includes rich traditional arts like ceramics, swords, dolls, martial arts, tea ceremony, calligraphy, etc.
  • Staple food including Japanese rice and noodles combined with soup is a popular cuisine here. If we talk about the sweets, then wagashi is a known name for the traditional sweets whereas green tea ice cream is known for its modern day flavours.

With the above facts and figures, it seems that Japan is quite an interesting place to visit and enjoy. So why wait, book your tickets to Japan and make sure to install an international roaming app for low-cost calling to your home country.

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