Learning a Foreign Language – Why Must a Traveller Do That?

It is true that these days learning a foreign language is not required to enjoy a holiday overseas. However, if you do learn the basic phrases of the language of the country you are visiting, the experience can be a unique one. Know how:


Foreign Language

Make new friends – Create lasting memories


Foreign Language

Travelling during a vacation is not just about taking pictures of scenic locations, shopping local stuff and eating authentic food. It is also about meeting and befriending new people, learning about their lifestyle and their beliefs. Therefore, knowledge of basic phrases of the language (of the country being visited), will help you feel welcome amongst the locals and mix comfortably with them. If you are a solo traveller, it is recommended that you must try this step to easily strike a conversation with the locals.

Different cultures – Enrich your travel experience by learning about new customs          

In order to completely understand the practices, culture, and customs of any particular place/country, you need to interact with the residents of that place. Thus, learning some words and phrases of the language of the destination will facilitate understanding of the history of the place, habits, customs and the culture being practised there which will augment your travel experience.

Do’s and don’ts – Be aware of these points of a foreign country 

Sometimes, no travel document can tell you amazing things about a particular place which a local can tell you. Things like which tourist destination is more interesting but less explored, which street to be avoided during the night, which eatery/food joint will give you an authentic flavour of the city/country, which market to bargain, how much to bargain and more. You will find out this advice only while interacting with the locals.

Avoid getting fleeced by local sellers by learning foreign language

If you learn the basic phrases and words of the language of the visiting country, it will no doubt help you travel smart and be less prone to getting misguided by people. Many foreign travellers end up paying far more the actual price of a product while shopping in a flea market because they are foreigners and don’t understand the language of the country. Being versed with the basic words can help you bargain with the seller and will make you aware of the conversation of sellers and buyers around you. So learn the common phrases of a different language and turn your simple holiday into an exciting one. Bon Voyage!

In your excitement to learn and travel to a new holiday destination, don’t forget to pack important items on your trip. Read this blog to find out what to pack for a holiday trip.

Zoya Abdali

Zoya Abdali is a travel enthusiast who likes to share her thoughts and experiences on budget travelling, in the form of blogs. She is an avid reader and likes to read classics. Zoya can be reached at zoya@ajura.com.
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