Luggage Terms – Things about Airline Baggage That Every Traveller Should Know


Luggage or more commonly called as baggage is a term that includes bags, containers, trunks, cases, etc which are used to carry the things or articles of the traveller. In this post, we will be highlighting some of the most basic luggage terms that every airline traveller should be aware of:

Baggage Allowance – Luggage Weight & Size

It is the amount of baggage in terms of weight and size that the airline would allow per passenger. Every airline has its own limits on the amount of baggage that is allowed free of charge, beyond which the baggage gets chargeable. The information about baggage allowance could be obtained by checking with the airlines.

Checked Baggage

It is the luggage of the passenger which is given to the airline for transportation to the destination and is inaccessible to the passenger during the flight.

Bag Tags – Luggage Labels

Also called as Baggage Tags or Baggage Checks, these are printed strips containing bar codes and are used by airlines to route luggage to its final destination. A passenger stub is given to the passenger in order to help him figure out his luggage at the baggage carousel.

Baggage Carousel – Luggage Belt


It is a device used at airports to deliver the baggage of the passengers after they reach their final destination. In this system, bags of the passengers are placed over a moving U-shaped belt that is accessible to passengers.

Hand Luggage – Cabin Baggage

Also called as cabin baggage, it is the type of luggage that passengers can carry along in the passenger compartment. Hand luggage generally includes small bags, pouches, and valuable items and necessities that are required during the journey.

Lost Luggage – Luggage Finder

This is the type of luggage that fails to reach its correct destination because of several reasons such as torn bag tags, misreading of tags, etc. In the majority of the cases, luggage is sent to its right destination as soon as errors are sorted.

Learning about these luggage terms will help you enjoy a comfortable flight. Let us know if you have any questions in mind. We would love to help you!

Karolina Pavlov

A travel fanatic, a reading enthusiast and a candid individual. Karolina has spent more than 9 years in travel and tourism, gathering a rich knowledge about this industry. Writing and interacting with people makes her happy!
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