Things Must Know Before you Travel to Madagascar Islands

Madagascar Islands Madagascar Islands or officially The Republic of Madagascar is situated in the Indian Ocean and is around 400 kilometres off the coast of East Africa. This island nation comprises of numerous smaller peripheral islands. One of the least developed countries, according to the United Nations, Madagascar is a democratic nation since 1992 with its […]


Top 10 Restricted Destinations of the World

Restricted Destinations Restricted Destinations are those places that are not open to the tourism of any sort. These places are usually not safe for people or are crucial for governmental purposes for research or military uses. And apart from this over-tourism is also one of the rising causes that prompt Governments to shut down a […]


The Important Details of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is an upcoming term mostly heard in relation to the cryptocurrencies. This record keeping tech is very important for bitcoins. In addition to this one can also see the use of Blockchain technology in sectors like banking and investing. It also enables a community of users to control the revision and any necessary […]


Important Details to know about Ghost Calls

Ghost Calls or phantom calls are those incoming phone calls with no one on the other end. In these calls, there is only dead silence on receiving the call. These calls happen frequently and are time-consuming. They are a major source of annoyance as they occur at any time, right from the middle of the […]


Interesting History & Facts about Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers   Telephone Numbers are the most common form of virtual address for people. While there are other forms or means of contacting people but the telephone call is the most popular one. A telephone number therefore according to Wikipedia definition is a sequence of digits assigned to a fixed line telephone subscriber station. […]


Top 5 Countries with Largest Number of Hacker

Hacker Hacker is the person who engages in hacking. Hacking is the act of unauthorised intrusion into a computer or network, thereby leading to a compromise of digital devices or even the network as a whole. The concept of hackers is more than mere programmers who are talented and often self-taught and seek to gain by […]


The Necessary Details of Drone Technology

Drone Drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is an aircraft without a human pilot abroad. They are remotely controlled or can fly autonomously with the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Usually, in this case, they work with GPS or Global Positioning Service. Technology has come a long way in 2019. In the present day, […]

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