Things to Know before Applying a Passport Application


Having a passport is one of the most important things to do when planning for an international travel. In majority of the countries around the world, a passport holder with a valid visa is entitled to enter the country. So, here are some important points that every traveller should know before making a passport application:


Passports are always issued in the name of the state.

Each nation’s government has the right to issue or revoke a passport.

Some countries, for example, UK, allow people to have more than one passport under certain circumstances.


Every passport that is being issued to an individual has a certain validity which usually ranges between 5 to 10 years.

Several countries of the world require a remaining passport validity for no less than 6 months on arrival.


Regular or tourist passports are the most common type of passports issued to people.

Official passports are issued to government employees who are travelling for work.

Diplomatic passports are issued to diplomats who are on official international travel.

Emergency passports are issued to individuals whose passports are lost or stolen.

Family passports are issued to entire families in which registered members of the family can use it for travel.

Collective passports are issued to groups who are travelling together.

Language & Design

As recommended by ICAO, a majority of the countries issue their passports in English and French or in their national language. In the case of design, the front cover of the passport displays the national coat of arms of the issuing nation.


A standard passport is a booklet that includes a front cover with the national symbol of the issuing country. Followed by this is the title page and the data page. After that comes the blank pages for visas and stamps.

With these things in your knowledge, you are ready make a passport application according to your requirements. You can also read our blog post on Must-To-Carry Travel Documents for International Travellers.

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts in mind!

Kanika Sharma

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