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Do you know some interesting facts about your Passport? A Passport is one of the most important documents of a citizen of any country. Laws related to passport are different for different nations.

The First Proper Passport was issued by England

In the 15th century, King Henry V issued passports to his subjects as an identification proof, when they traveled outside England. Even now, UK passports are issued in the name of the Queen of England.

German Passport is the Strongest of All

Among all nations, German passport is considered as the strongest of all. The ranking is decided on the basis of how many countries can be traveled without applying for the visa. At present, a German passport holder can travel to 176 countries on visa-free or visa-on-arrival procedure, which makes it the number 1 passport.

Some Countries Use Specific Colors to distinct their passports

Many countries use unique colors in their passport to establish their identity.  Singapore has bright orange passport cover, while Switzerland passport is bright red. Canada’s temporary passport for traveler has a white cover.

Some nations have unique stamps for passports

Many nations have unique stamps for passports. If you visit Easter Island, your passport will bear the stamp of Moai statues.  The island is a part of Chile but it stamps passport of all visiting travelers.

Joint photographs were accepted to verify user’s identity

Opposite to today’s requirement, joint family photos were earlier accepted for issuing passports. Authorities did not make any rule about how to pose for a passport picture. British families with children below 16 years of age were able to send single photos of their families wherein the faces of the members were properly visible.

Smiles were allowed in Photographs for Passport

Do you know, you could once have a smiling photo on your passport? However, this was banned in the year 2004 along with head coverings.

Queen of England Does not Require a Passport

Although all passports are issued under her name, the Queen of England does not need a passport to travel. However, the other members of the Royal family do require a passport.

If you’d like to share some more interesting facts about your passport, do write in the comments section.

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