5 Super-Easy Ways to Prepare Your Phone for an International Trip


You just cannot do without your phone – no questions, no doubts! Especially when it is about going for a trip abroad, you need that smart device in your hand to make calls, browse the internet, find things and do more. But are your sure that your smartphone is ready to go abroad too? There are a couple of things which travellers should consider before taking off to a trip:

Know your Phone and Plan

Most of the first time travellers are unaware of the fact that only GSM and CDMA phone are operable when you are out of your home country. Once you get this right, the next step is to check your phone plan with your network operator. Find out how much will it cost you for call and data on international roaming. For a majority of travellers it comes out to be expensive. And, this is where you should consider downloading an international roaming app or can also buy an international SIM card to cut down the roaming costs.

Get Gadgets for your Phone

Having a phone in hand alone wouldn’t make it all. A portable battery, a  suitable phone case, microfiber cleaning cloth would help you ensure the safety of your device.

Deactivate Data

Certainly, you do not wish to pay giant phone bills after returning from your trip. So, make sure you turn off Data on your mobile phone before leaving your home country. However, you need to activate roaming on your smartphone before your flight takes off if you are using an international roaming app for calling.

Make an App-ic collection

Apps are quite useful especially when you are travelling. You can make calls for free, book a taxi, locate an address, compare prices, research things, listen to music, convert currency, and what not. So download all the applications that are the best fit for your interest before you leave.

Take those Chargers

Make sure you have kept chargers, adapters, headsets and earplugs with you. It is always better to keep these things in your hand luggage as you might need them during the flight.

Check the Memory

Little or no storage space could let you lose some precious captures. So why not check your phone’s storage before you are ready to take off. Delete all the unused applications and files. Transfer old files to your computer or hard drive. And don’t forget to clear off your Internet cache.

With these things done in advance, your phone is ready for an awesome trip. You can also learn more tips on using phones while going for a trip abroad.

Happy Travelling!

Kanika Sharma

Kanika Sharma works as a Content Developer at Ajura. For the past 5 years, she has been writing for various renowned blogs. Being an engineering graduate, her background allows her to connect with cutting edge technologies and relate them with real world scenarios.
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