Roaming Apps Vs Local SIM Cards: Which One is a Better Choice?

International Roaming Vs Local SIM Cards

Traveling abroad accompanies a lot of planning, considerations and preparations to be done before one leaves One such crucial aspect are that of international roaming i.e. when you leave your home country and land in a different country, then your mobile phone service usage rates get changed according to the local carrier of the visiting country. Now, their charges are usually high, meaning that it can cost a fortune for many. So it is important that proper research should be done to ensure that these high roaming costs are avoided.

Now you may ask for the options. Usually, travelers around the world prefer opting for an international roaming app or simply getting a local SIM card from the visiting country. So in this post, we are going to explore these two options i.e. roaming apps vs local SIM cards, one by one, and decide which one is a better choice. 

About International Roaming Apps

In today’s app-driven world, we use an app just for everything. Be it grocery shopping, purchasing clothing, or even ordering food – one can do it with just an app on their mobile phone. So when it is about traveling to a different country other than your home country, you need a roaming app to ensure that you are able to use mobile services. An important point to be noticed here is that roaming apps not just allow calling, messaging, and usage of other mobile services when you are overseas, but ensure that you bypass those expensive roaming charges which can later come in the form of bill shock. 

Using an international roaming app is as simple as any other app you use on your iOS and Android devices. Simply install and register your account to get started using your personal details like name, phone number, and email. Such apps automatically sync your phone contacts which ease the calling process. You can simply search and choose a contact to make calls to your friends and family when abroad. 

What’s the best thing about using an international roaming app? Well, you can do calling, texting, and more using your home country’s mobile number. In other words, you need not change your mobile phone number, which is a great convenience. 

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What Happens When You Don’t Use an International Roaming App?

A major consequence of not using an international roaming app when abroad is that your carrier will charge an exorbitant roaming fee for using mobile services outside your home country’s network. It can even lead to security risks such as hacking and identity theft. So it is better to use an international roaming app as they offer secure connections. 

International roaming apps usually offer roaming packages for different countries where one gets bulk calling minutes at cheap rates. That sound quite pocket-friendly, right? Read this to start now – A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Using an International Roaming App

Buying a Local SIM Card

The second option is to get a local SIM card of the visiting country which offers mobile services from a local operator of that country. Buying a local SIM card is also a cost-effective option to get cheaper calling, texting, and data browsing rates.

However, the inconvenience associated with getting a local SIM card every time you visit a new country cannot be ignored. For frequent travelers, this results in higher expenses as they have to buy new SIM cards for every country. Further, the process of getting a SIM card for foreigners is quite complex and stressful in some countries. Also, your mobile phone number changes every time you get a new SIM card, which means you have to share a new number with your friends and family every single time. 

Last Words: Roaming Apps Vs Local SIM Cards

By now you must be clear with the idea of roaming apps vs local SIM cards. Though the ultimate decision is yours, choosing an international roaming app seems to be a better option for international travelers. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap roaming app, then install Ajura App on your mobile phone today! Also read – Cheap International Roaming Packages: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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