Romania Travel Guide – Things to Know When You Visit Romania


Situated on the western shores of the Black Sea, Romania is a country that enjoys an incredible natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Being a recent member of the European Union, there has been a lot of development in this area which has also hiked tourism. If you’re planning to stroll through the scenic Romanian mountains and breeze through fresh countryside areas, here are some tips for you:

Places to Visit in Romania

Some well-known areas in Romania include:

Transylvania is famous for its medieval castles and towns, dark forests and snow covered peaks.

Oltenia is a place where you can find splendid monasteries, caves and health resorts.

Southern Bukovina has some remarkable Painted Monasteries.

Banat is known for its beautiful baroque cities and traditional German villages.


Romanian is the official language of this country. Spanish, Italian and French are some other languages that are spoken and understood by educated residents. 

For tourists, here are some common useful phrases in English to Romanian translation:

Hello. – “Salut.”

How are you? – “Ce mai faci?”

My name is – “Numele meu e

Thank you – “Mulţumesc”

Do you speak English? – “Vorbiţi engleză?”

I don’t understand – “Nu înţeleg”

Romanian Currency


Leu is the national currency of Romania and is divided into 100 bani. In Romanian, the literal meaning of Leu is “lion”. For tourists, it is recommended to always use currency exchange bureaus for easy conversion. Read this post to find the best money changer for exchanging foreign currency.

Hotel Accommodation Romania

Whatever your budget and requirements, you can easily find a place to stay in Romania. You can either make bookings directly with the hotel or ask an agent who usually charge commission fee.



The food here gives you a flavour which is an amalgam of Austrian, French and Oriental food. Some famous local dishes include bulz, friptura, zacusca, etc. When it is about drinks, Romanian wine is the best thing to taste. Since Romania has a tradition of making wine for more than 2000 years, you can also give a visit to some famous wineries such as Murfatlar, Bohotin, Bucium, etc.

With these things in mind, you are ready to visit Romania and have a joyful vacation.

Happy Travelling!

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