Which are The Safest Places to Travel in 2017?

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As 2016 is almost on the verge of ending, many travel enthusiast might think what next in 2017. However, many travelers nowadays think twice before planning a trip abroad due to increasing safety concerns. Many countries which were considered safe in the past have ranked negatively in the safety graph. But do not fear, there are still thousands of safe places on the earth. Let’s discuss which are the safest places to travel in 2017.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic has evolved into one of most popular travel destinations of Europe where you can find a glimpse of the medieval age. In terms of safety, the country ranks high in the graph and there are very less chance that you will come across any unfortunate encounter. Apart from amazing culture, you will find very friendly people at this location.


Another great tourist destination of Europe, the country is a hub of mesmerizing landscapes and rich culture. The country is safe for travelers and not many untoward incidents are reported. You can easily notice police officers roaming across the city to keep a close watch. There are emergency phones stationed along some main roads and highways to alert the cops. So you can relax and visit some of most beautiful tourist places which include Predjama Castle, Skocjan Caves and many more.


 Ranking top on the safety chart, Iceland is a small geography quite free from petty crimes. The land of natural wonders and scenic beauty also has a high literacy rate, which makes it a better place to live. Although very low in crime, the country may trouble you with its weather condition, which changes without any notice. So if you have purchased a international travel medical insurance, it can be helpful in case you fall ill. However, once there, do not miss visiting Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss and the Golden Circle to name a few attractive  locations.


Portugal, a southern European country is known to be one of the most safest tourist place in the globe. The police department of the country is quite efficient in maintaining the law and order. You can find police officers stationed in almost all popular tourist spots of the country. So, once you are in the beautiful country, forget your worries and taste some of the mouth-watering local cuisines. But while you do so, keep a check on your diet as you need to stay fit & healthy while travelling.

So, knowing the safest places to travel in 2017, hope you are now all set to pack you luggage.

Abhijeet Guha

Abhijeet is an active blogger with decent experience in the travel and tourism industry. He researches on various topics related to travel and pens down his thoughts in the form of articles & blogs. You can reach him at abhijeet@revesoft.com.
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