Italy Travel – Interesting Sights in Rome That are Often Missed!


Its dazzling architecture, its eternal beauty and the mesmerizing sights, the city of Rome is certainly a treat to the vision for tourists around the world. However, besides the usual and seen, there lies a different side to this city which is less discovered and often missed. Take a look at some interesting spots that one should visit:

The Aventine Keyhole

A large wooden door in Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta located on Mount Aventine lets you peek through its keyhole that gives you an enchanting vision of the misty dome of St Peter’s Basilica. You will surely be taken by the incredible sight. Don’t forget to take your camera and capture picture-perfect scenes through this keyhole.


Located on the outskirts of Rome, the Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR) district is a home to more than 10,000 people. This site was built in 1930 at the height of Fascism. What’s most iconic here is the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana which is a symbol of new classical architecture and fascist architecture. It is worth a watch! 

Appia Antica

One of the earliest Roman roads, the Appian way is also known by its common name – “Appia longarum… regina viarum” which means “the Appian Way… the queen of the long roads”. It was the first long route used for the supply of military troops. Today, there are remains of several Roman bridges along the road including Ponte di Tre Ponti, Ponte di Vigna Capoccio.

Villa Doria Pamphili

The largest landscaped public park in Rome, this villa was built in Seventeenth-century. Its beautiful landscape gardens are a good retreat for jogging, cycling, and late evening walks. There’s a ‘house of theater’ located inside this villa where exhibitions take place. Also, you can relish the sight of the fabulous baroque building known as Villa Algardi.

We will be adding more such tourist spots in Rome to this list so that you can explore this beautiful city in your own way!

Karolina Pavlov

A travel fanatic, a reading enthusiast and a candid individual. Karolina has spent more than 9 years in travel and tourism, gathering a rich knowledge about this industry. Writing and interacting with people makes her happy!
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