iPhone Hands Free – Ask Siri to Make Calls Using Ajura

All iOS users are familiar with Siri, infact many Apple product’s patrons use this personal digital assistant to perform important tasks like making calls, booking a cab, setting an appointment/alarm and more so – on a daily basis. Now, Ajura is also made compatible with Siri, which means, you need to just open Siri and ask it to make a call for you, which may go like ‘Hey Siri! Call Dad using Ajura” and you are sorted with your calling activities while roaming overseas.

Up until now, whenever iPhone users had to make calls using any third party app, they were required to open the app, select the contact intended to be called, look for the call option and then press the dial button. This process took a little long and required concentration, hence caused a hindrance if the user was in a rush or performing an important task which demanded complete attention. However, with the introduction of the SiriKit and its integration with Ajura on iOS 10.1 and above, users will now have a hassle free and an almost hands-free calling experience! Now it is easy to make a call when the user is in a hurry or in the middle of a conversation. All that the user has to do is open Siri and command it to call whoever they want. For e.g. Jessica, a 29-year-old corporate employee wants to make a call to her mother, she opens Siri and says “Hey Siri! Call Mom using Ajura” and the call will be connected.

Call John using Ajura Siri

In order to integrate Ajura with Siri in OS 10.1 and above, users need to follow few simple steps:

  1. Open ‘Settings’
  2. Enable ‘Siri’ by tapping on it
  3. Scrolling down and tap on ‘App Support’
  4. Turn on integration of Siri with Ajura by tapping the toggle button next to Ajura app


With Ajura integrating the Sirikit in its app, patrons of this app traveling abroad will not only benefit by saving 90% on international roaming mobile bill but will also experience enhanced comfort in making calls, while on the go.

Zoya Abdali

Zoya Abdali is a travel enthusiast who likes to share her thoughts and experiences on budget travelling, in the form of blogs. She is an avid reader and likes to read classics. Zoya can be reached at zoya@ajura.com.
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