New Year’s Eve – Strange Traditions Practised Around the World

Everyone has their own unique way of enjoying new year’s eve celebration. Some like to party with friends while some prefer spending quiet time with family. But have you ever heard of people throwing bread, breaking plates on neighbour’s door or eating grapes at midnight for good luck? Read on to know some weird traditions practised on New Year in various parts of the world.

New Year

Breaking crockery on neighbours door – Denmark Culture

Residents of Denmark like to collect crockery throughout the year, only to break it on their neighbour’s door on New Year. The family with the highest amount of broken crockery on their door is considered to be the luckiest as it denotes that they have a lot of friends. Strange!

New Year Good Luck Traditions – Spain

The Spanish believe that if you stuff your mouth with 12 grapes at midnight, on New Year, you have achieved good luck. Apparently, quickly eating 12 grapes, one at each stroke of the clock brings luck for each month of the year. Interesting tradition!

Colombian Traditions – Carrying suitcase all day long

New Year

In the hope of travelling extensively in the coming year, people of Colombia carry an empty suitcase all day long.

Japanese New Year – Ringing bells 108 times

The Japanese ring bells 108 times on New Year, in accordance with the Buddhist belief that doing so brings cleanliness. It is also considered good to be smiling while embracing the coming year as it apparently brings good luck.

Finland New Year – Metal casting to predict future

The Finnish tradition follows the locals casting molten tin into a bucket of water and then interpreting the shape which the metal takes. For instance, a ring or a heart shape indicates a wedding while a ship means travelling, and a pig shape denotes ample food.

First Footing Scotland


The Scottish celebrate Hogmanay during the coming year, in which ‘First-Footing’ is practised. The custom requires that the first person to cross the threshold of a home in the New Year should carry a gift which brings good luck.

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