Top 10 Street Foods of Kolkata

Street Foods

Street Foods

Street Foods are something which brings out the real flavor of a place. The sizzling sound, the colorful display and the aroma of the mouth-watering dishes create the very own identity of a region. And as for the City of Joy – Kolkata, there are loads of delicacies to try. Situated in the eastern half of India, the capital of the state of West Bengal, Kolkata is a foodie’s heaven. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Kolkata has it all. While there are many award-winning restaurants, street food is charming in their own way. And contrary to the common misconception that street food is unhealthy, there are many healthy choices as well as proper places to try the specialties.

Here are some of the best street foods of Kolkata.



Light, crispy round balls filled with mashed potato, spices, tamarind pulp, broken papris or churmur, phuchkas rank at number 1 among the street foods. And apart from the most common version, there are other varieties like dahi phuchka, dahi papri phuchka, sukha phuchka and many more. One can find phuchkas all over Kolkata. But among them a sure place that promises the good ones are at Bhawanipore.


Kathi Rolls

Skewer roasted kabab wrapped in paratha, Kathi Roll is a street food which originated from Kolkata and now is available all over India. While the traditional role is supposed to be non-veg, these days vegetarian options like paneer kathi rolls are also available. The famed place for Kathi rolls in Kolkata is Zaika. Other than that, Park Street also has good options worth a try.


Luchi – Alu Dom

The favorite breakfast and all-time favorite snack for a Bengali. While the homemade version is always close to one’s heart, Fairlie Place puts up a tough competition. This central business district of Kolkata is famous for its Luchi Alu Dom.


Mughlai Parathas

Thick filling of mutton, chicken or egg and soft crust makes the Mughlai parathas a temptation hard to resist. Served with a side of potato curry and salad of raw onion and cucumber, this popular dish also found in vegetarian versions to meet the consumer demands. While any street corner shop will present you with mughlai paratha, the few among the best places to try these are The Royal Bengal Tiger Café, Nizams and Anadi Cabin.


Chinese and Tibetan Food

China Town in Kolkata is one of the best places where authentic Chinese food, as well as varieties of Indo-Chinese cuisine, are available. Putting up a tough competition to other places, the main dish found here are veg or non-veg momos or dumplings and soups. Another good place for momo is Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit.



The Bengali version of the well-known Indian snack samosa is totally lip-smacking. And the best place to satisfy the cravings for singara is none other than Tiwari Brothers. The combination of hot chai and delicious samosa is a must have.



The word “Telebhaja” means ‘deep fried in oil’. And true to its name everything in its menu is batter coated deep fried. The food category varies and has both veg and non-veg varieties. This popular snack is found all over Kolkata. But some places that are worth mentioning are College Street, Gariahat, Fairlie Place.


Chops and Cutlets

Chops and cutlets are full of flavor and are easy to find. Veg and non-veg both options are available here. Fish fry, the iconic street food of Kolkata, is present at almost every place. But one place that stands out is the Golpark 5 point crossing on the Gariahat side.


Ghoti Gorom & Jhal Muri

While you are enjoying the riverside at Princep Ghat, Ghoti Gorom is the best way to satisfy the desire for munchies. The Bengali version of Bhelpuri, Jhalmuri is found everywhere in Kolkata. So when you are traveling or simply enjoying at any park, you can munch on this healthy snack.



Any type of food in Kolkata or Bengal, in fact, is incomplete without sweets. And though it is Roshogolla which always makes the headlines, there are numerous other options left to try. Some of the easily available ones are chhanar jilipi, pantua, patishapta, sitabhog, lobong lotika, kheer kodom. All these are sure to fulfill your sweet dreams.


In Kolkata, one can find street food catering to every age groups. The amazing street food of this region is not only for its residents but for people from all over the world to enjoy, along with the history and culture of Kolkata.

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