Top 6 Travel Mottos: What’s your Reason for travelling?


Scottish novelist, essayist and travel writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, once said –

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

Travelling is an opportunity that each and every one of us should take and never look back. Spending time outside your home country seems like an experience in itself and most noteworthy it could give you memories for a lifetime. While every individual has his own reason for travelling, here are some of the most common travel mottos for people around the world. Have a look!


A Honeymoon is a holiday that begins on the same or a few days after the wedding ceremony. For couples, it’s a way to celebrate their love while they start with new beginnings. From one night to a week-long trip, the length of a honeymoon totally depends on the choice and availability of time. Popular destinations for such holidays include beaches, mountains, islands, lakes, etc.

Business Travel

business travel

This type of travel is often done with the purpose to explore and increase business opportunities such as meeting new or existing clients. Individuals working in sales or consulting profiles are most likely to travel for business. An advantage of this type of travel is that all the expenses for the travel are paid by the company.


This happens when someone relocates to a new country as a result of seeking a better life, job, education, etc. and adapts its culture, lifestyle and living environment. In most cases, immigrants have to leave behind their family and friends which make their life quite tough in the beginning.

Literary Travel

It’s a form of tourism where an individual or a group visits another country to see great works of literature, literary movements, the literature surrounding cultural and political movements, etc. Most likely teachers and students from universities make literary moves.

Retirement Travel

retirement travel

Many people settle down to a place other than their home country after they are retired. This happens as a result of health and family issues in most of the cases. In addition, some people do it to live in a better economic environment.

Single Travel

Solo travel is a rising trend these days and includes the majority of youngsters, both males and females. This form of travel is done with the purpose of meeting new people, finding Qsolitude and most of all spending time for oneself.  However, safety concerns for singles travel should be given crucial consideration.

Have your own crazy reasons for travelling? Share with us in the comments section. We’d love to know your thoughts!

Karolina Pavlov

A travel fanatic, a reading enthusiast and a candid individual. Karolina has spent more than 9 years in travel and tourism, gathering a rich knowledge about this industry. Writing and interacting with people makes her happy!
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