Top 7 Trending Travel Apps for 2023


Travelling is not all roses; especially when one is traveling overseas. There are a lot of things one needs to prepare, pack and gear up with to ensure that their trip is well-organized. As the New Year is about to knock on the doors and many of you are ready to travel to new destinations, it might be a good idea to have the best traveling apps installed on your phone. Here you go:

Top 7 Must-have Travel Apps for 2023

Ajura – Cheap International Roaming App

Traveling overseas means putting a lot of burden on your pocket. Especially international calling can turn your ecstasy to anxiety when you get a roaming bill shock. But worry not, with an international roaming app installed on your Android or iOS phone, you can stay tension-free about calling your friends and family when you are abroad. Ajura offers unlimited roaming packages starting from $2 per day which means you can make unlimited international calls. Moreover, you can receive calls on your home country mobile number wherever you go. So there’s no hassle of sharing a new number every time you travel. You can even get multiple global numbers to business and personal international calling through this app.

AccuWeather – For the Weather Forecast

It’s a popular weather prediction app that provides up-to-the-minute weather reports as well as long-term weather forecasts. Besides this, AccuWeather offers a number of other useful features for travelers like currency converter, packing checklists, real-time updates on flight cancellations and delays, along with information about airport security wait time. Sounds like a must-to-have app, right?

Airbnb – For Pocket-friendly Stay Options

This is one of the most widely used travel accommodation apps worldwide. Travelers can search for budget-friendly accommodations in more than 65,000 cities around the globe. Whether searching for a private room, an apartment, a treehouse or a simple homestay – this app has it all. All the bookings– made via AIRBNB are covered by a guest protection policy thus offering protection for both homeowners and travelers.

DB Navigator – Book Local and Long-distance Trains

This app is your best companion when you want to book regional and long distance trains. You can check the availability of seats in real time and the location of the train on a map so you can see where your train is at any point of time. Looks like you just can’t miss this app on your next trip!

GetYourGuide – Plan Travel Activities

Everyone wants to have some unique experiences and activities when on vacation. But searching and planning for such activities as per everyone’s age and interests can be a lot difficult. This is where the Get Your Guide app comes to your rescue. It has all the lists of activities that you can do in a particular location. So you can just search and book the desired activities within a few clicks. The app works in multiple languages and updates the activity lists every day.

Google Maps – Find Your Way

This one is obvious and most of the travelers already have this app installed on their phones. But in case you are not taking advantage of this app during your travels, here’s some information about why you must use it. From real-time traffic updates to turn by turn directions, Google Maps can be a life-saver when you are lost on the road. You can easily search for nearby places like a filling station, restaurant, etc. Also, it offers a live view which lets you see your surroundings in real-time.

OneBag – For Traveling ‘Light’

This one is quite trending these days. The idea of minimal packing when traveling somewhere is liked by almost everyone but hard to be practiced in reality. Every little thing looks like a travel essential which makes a huge pile to be packed in your travel bags. But this problem is not going to bother you when you have the OneBag app installed on your phone. It helps in keeping track of the items that you have packed and suggests how you can pack various items together to save space. Just use this app and see for yourself!

We will be coming up with more useful travel apps for the year 2023. Stay tuned!

Kanika Sharma

Kanika Sharma works as a Content Developer at Ajura. For the past 5 years, she has been writing for various renowned blogs. Being an engineering graduate, her background allows her to connect with cutting edge technologies and relate them with real world scenarios.
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