Best Travel Apps – 7 Must-Have Apps for an International Traveller

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So you are all set for that trip abroad! Fixed the destination, packed your bags, got your visa in hand, and travel insurance completed. With all these aspects covered, you might think that you are ready to travel overseas but are you really travel ready? Do you know the best places to wine, dine and shop in the country you are visiting? Are you aware of the currency conversion rate? Have you made preparations to ensure low-cost roaming?

These are some of the essential aspects one must consider before planning a trip abroad. We suggest 7 must-have mobile apps for an international traveller which will make your trip easy and enjoyable.

XE Currency Converter

A useful travel app which keeps you updated with the live currency rates within seconds so that you may calculate your expenses while on the go.


This app allows you to save important web pages and view them offline later, while you are in a foreign land. So without using your precious mobile data, you can view all saved information that might prove useful during the trip.


Save yourself from paying hefty international roaming charges and welcome Ajura: an app developed exclusively to reduce international roaming mobile bills. Another feature of Ajura is that it eliminates the hassles of sharing a phone number with your contacts every time you make an international trip.


On a trip to a foreign country and lost in translation? Worry no more, use Duolingo to learn the basic phrases of the language of the country that you are visiting and turn travelling into fun.


Avail real time updates of airlines across the world. Keep yourself informed of flight departure or arrival time, terminals of departure or arrival, be warned of flight delays and cancellations. Apart from giving information about commercial airlines, the app also lets users see the latest updates and exact location of any charter or private flight in the skies over the United States or Canada.

Google Maps

The best app that a traveller can have. With this popular app from Google, you can get satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic), and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation. Thanks to Google maps, now losing your way in a foreign location is a thing of the past.


If you are in the mood to let your hair down in the country you are visiting, try Yelp or Foursquare. This mobile app will serve as a guide to find out the best places to eat, drink, shop and sleep in any city. You may also read reviews, find out great local deals and photos of the place you are visiting.

With these travel apps on your smartphone, you are sure to have a great holiday abroad, irrespective of the nature of the trip.

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